Episode 1: Technology at Disney – Emerging Technology and Machine Learning Engineering

Text: Life at Disney

Innovation is the foundation of what our Disney technologists do. Our technologists are constantly elevating, evolving, and pioneering the future of our streaming platforms, content, and more to always be one step ahead when creating the latest in immersive entertainment experiences. We are joined by two technologists this week, Rekha Bachwani, Director of Machine Learning Engineering with Disney Streaming, and Scott Ray, Director of Technology for Emerging Tech within Disney Parks, Experiences & Products – Technology & Digital. Rekha and Scott give an inside look at some of the projects they’re currently working on with our streaming platforms and our parks and resorts, discuss the culture of their teams, and share advice for anyone interested in a career with technology at Disney!

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Disney’s Taiwan Team Creates Disney+ Rice Field

Rice fields in Taiwan in the shape of the Disney+ Logo, Tinkerbell, Toy Story Alien, Baby Groot, Grogu, and an Owl

As part of the Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo in Taiwan, Disney teams created a jaw-dropping rice field etched with iconic green characters including Tinkerbell, Baby Groot, Grogu, and more representing the core five Disney+ brands.

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Celebrating our Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution AANHPI Community

Digital images of flowers, fish and water surrounding text, Text: Disney Reimagine Tomorrow Rising Together

We’re continuing the celebration by shining a light on our employees across our Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution (DMED) segment, which is responsible for the distribution of our stories, including through our streaming services and TV networks. Hear from our DMED colleagues about their careers at Disney, their experiences in Disney’s AANHPI community, and the advice they have for the next generation of storytellers.

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