Disney’s Taiwan Team Creates Disney+ Rice Field


As part of the Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo in Taiwan, Disney teams created a jaw-dropping rice field etched with iconic green characters including Tinkerbell, Baby Groot, Grogu, and more representing the core five Disney+ brands.



Some interesting facts about what it took to create these intricate designs in a field of rice:

  • Almost 468,000 rice plants were used throughout the field, and each one needed to be planted 24 centimeters apart to ensure proper growth. GPS technology was used to geo-position each rice plant.
  • As a result, the entire field stretched across almost 5 acres of land (equivalent to nearly 3 soccer fields!).
  • The design took a total of eight months to grow, and each seedling was initially green. It wasn’t until 35 days after being planted that they began to change colors, and 120 days after being planted that they were ready for harvesting.

At the conclusion of the exhibition in February, the edible rice used as part of the display was harvested and given away to visitors. Congratulations to our Disney team members in Taiwan, some of whom are pictured below, on staging this incredible celebration!



by Disney Career Recruitment