Behind the Headlines: Meet Jordan, Digital Producer with ABC7

Jordan, a digital producer with ABC7 Chicago, is making headlines—literally! Since his days as an intern, Jordan has played a key role in telling stories, covering events, breaking news, and distributing content from live newscasts to the social media platforms we interact with each day.

His Disney career journey began in 2022 as an intern with ABC7 Chicago, one of The Walt Disney Company’s Owned and Operated Television Stations. “The internship was a key step in my learning from world-class broadcast journalists. I was only an intern for one month when the opportunity to move to the news assignment desk was brought up to me.” After supporting ABC7 in a part-time capacity for just over a year, Jordan got the opportunity to join the team full-time!

“The culture here at ABC7 is very reflective of The Walt Disney Company as a whole in the way that everyone treats each other like family and is supportive of each other’s success. From interacting and becoming friends with the reporters and anchors whom I grew up watching as a kid in the Chicago suburbs, to learning new things every day from all of the hardworking producers and camera crews who work behind the scenes, my time here has been nothing but positive. My experience has made me feel like I can set high goals for my career at the company and achieve those goals.”

JordanR-group photo at news desk
JordanR-field producing

For Jordan, one of the best parts of the workplace culture here is the community and belonging he’s found amongst fellow Puerto Rican colleagues. “Bonding over traditional Puerto Rican recipes during the holidays is just one example of a way that my shared heritage has allowed me to form meaningful connections with my coworkers beyond just doing our work tasks.”

He also takes pride in the ways he’s been able to increase representation for the community through his role. “Finding stories to tell about the Hispanic community is very important to me. Whenever I see news stories related to Latinos on our radar, I take pride in being able to be one part of the process in sharing that story with our audience.”

Before he got his start at Disney, Jordan was a Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar. Since 2014, Disney has worked with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) to support student access to higher education and career exploration as part of Disney Future Storytellers, The Walt Disney Company's commitment to empowering the next generation of storytellers and innovators. This support includes the Disney HSF Scholarship Program, which provides need-based college scholarships, and the annual HSF Media and Entertainment Summit, an annual conference that provides HSF Scholars interested in pursuing careers in the field of media and entertainment the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and recruiters.

JordanR-internship news desk
JordanR-with his recruiter Suzanna

When Jordan attended the annual HSF Media and Entertainment Summit for the first time, his mentor encouraged him to participate as much as possible. “It was also at this summit when I began to realize the importance of having conversations about Hispanics in the entertainment industry and how we can all work together to create the representation we want to see.”

For the past two years, Jordan has served as a mentor for current HSF Scholars attending the summit. “I have been so grateful for what HSF provided me that I am always eager to find ways to pay it forward and pay it back.” During the most recent summit, Jordan was invited to be part of a workshop centered on how to thrive as an early career professional. “I look forward to working with HSF in any way I can in the future, especially since they have a close relationship with The Walt Disney Company. As someone who was able to realize their dreams with HSF and Disney, it is an honor to help other Hispanics in the industry get the same opportunities I had.”


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