From Disney Debut to Disneyland Talent Casting: Meet Robert

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“I love stories! We all have stories to tell...I love that I get to help connect others with storytelling opportunities!”

Meet Robert, a Talent Casting Coordinator at the Disneyland Resort. After living in New York City and performing on Broadway, Robert took the stage at Disneyland beginning in 2004 as he continued to study acting, voice, dance and began gaining experience in directing and casting talent.

“I chose Disney as a great place to perform for a live entertainment offering in a 2000-seat theatre, and 20 years later it’s turned into so much more than I could have imagined.”

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Now as a member of the Talent Casting Team with Disney Live Entertainment, you can find Robert welcoming candidates to their audition, prepping the audition room and meeting with the rest of the team including Casting Directors, Directors, Choreographers, Music Directors and Accompanists.

“In my current role, it's so rewarding to be on a team of diverse, experienced professionals who all truly care about working extremely hard to ensure that everyone who comes to a Disney audition feels welcomed and has a positive experience! When it's ‘go time,’ we need to stay ready to be of service and for anything that may be required for that audition.”

With an ever-evolving work environment, Robert enjoys a mixture of time spent in the office, traveling to auditions and finding time to connect with the resort’s daily entertainment offerings and talent.

“It's very rewarding seeing the process from the initial audition to then seeing the live stage, show or event come to life. Helping to piece together all the details that go into making that happen is truly rewarding.”

Robert is proud that his team conducts weekly discussion on inclusion and how they can incorporate the inclusion key into what they do and say and how they interact with each other.

“It's clear that true inclusion doesn't happen overnight. With discussion and study, we must continue to develop and have compassion and patience as we all learn together. It means doing my very best to ensure that everyone that I encounter, no matter who they are, feels welcomed, seen and included.”

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Throughout his two decades at Disney, what has surprised him the most is the global growth of the company – and the personal relationships he’s formed in that time. From friendships to meeting his wife, the family he has formed is immeasurable.

“Coming from a performing background, I'm very proud of being part of live entertainment and the impact it makes on so many lives. It can provide an escape from the stress and worries of life for countless guests and create magical memories that last a lifetime.”

For those ready to take the leap and attend their first Disney audition, Robert emphasized the importance of advocating for yourself in the audition room.

“Invest in yourself. Prepare and put the time and hard work in. Don't pretend to be something you aren't just because you want the job. You are wonderfully you, be unapologetically you, be kind and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!”

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