From Disney Auditions to Performing at Walt Disney World: Meet Cullen

Walt Disney World performer Cullen sitting in front of the Disney castle logo on the Walt Disney Studio lot.

Peek behind the curtain into the life of a Walt Disney World® Resort performer! Meet cast member Cullen Motak who has been making magic for the last six years as a performer with Disney Live Entertainment.

“Witnessing guests young and young at heart believe in the story you are creating is very rewarding,” said Cullen. “They join in and allow themselves to let go of the day-to-day troubles they face and just get to play and laugh alongside me and my fellow performers. It’s a magic that can’t be replicated except for at Disney.”

Cullen’s Disney career began on the Disney College Program in Merchandise at Magic Kingdom as he was completing his degree in Theater Management.

“Watching the parades daily and witnessing all the talent, hard work and planning that had to go into every performance inspired me to join the Entertainment department in any way I could. I became a Character Attendant so I could work alongside the beloved Disney characters and Entertainment managers. I started attending Disney Auditions out of a desire to be involved in the magic, but also to work alongside some of the best entertainment professionals in the world. Entertainment has always been where my passion and heart are, and I wanted to work alongside people that felt the same way.”

One of his favorite parts of performing is that you never know what the day will bring. From making special and intimate moments for guests to performing onstage for a huge audience, Cullen never takes the variety his role brings for granted.

“My performances are continually inspired by our guests. Looking back to my visits to the Disney Parks before I started working here, I have fond memories and moments that Entertainment cast members created for me. I strive to create that same magic, that was created for me, for anyone visiting now.”

Disney Live Entertainment provides a collaborative, magical work environment that challenges cast members to continually improve and grow.

“To have the opportunity to work alongside some of the hardest working, talented and creative individuals in the world is an extreme honor and I feel lucky to be included in their company. The thing that surprised me most is the trust I have received from so many people. Whether it be the casting team trusting me to work on a project, my managers trusting me to arrange a cast appreciation activity or my fellow cast members trusting me to continue the story we are telling that day, I’m honored and pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of trust this team gives.”

Performers engage with thousands of guests each day, creating unforgettable interactions through their storytelling capabilities.

“My fellow cast members are amazing. I get to witness them create the same magic for our guests, but in smart and different ways. They make choices with their storytelling that sometimes I would never think of. They inspire me to find new and fun ways to liven up any performance. Together, we get to create something bigger than all of us and see it in our guests. That’s one of the rewards of this job, the magic that you give is given right back to you.”

Disney Performer with Nick Wilde from "Zootopia" at Disneyland Resort.

This year, Cullen was cast as a sub for Mickey’s Boo to You Parade, a position that required him to learn several roles throughout the parade and be ready to perform them on short notice to keep the show going.

Disney performer Cullen in front of a Mickey Mouse pumpkin wreath at Magic Kingdom Park.

“With that, my rehearsals were frequent and varied. Stacking all that knowledge into my brain and body was a challenge but such a great experience to work so closely with our amazing team at parades. Getting to prove yourself as a performer is one thing but getting to prove yourself as a hardworking and trustworthy individual is an honor.”

Like many employees at The Walt Disney Company, Cullen chose to work at Disney because it’s been a part of his life for as long as he can remember.

“I trust them to continue to tell amazing stories that our guests want to experience and witness. Being a part of the magic that Disney creates is an honor. I want to continue the company’s legacy and create and tell the stories our guest come to love. Maybe, because of me, someone will be inspired to also choose Disney to be a path of their career.”

Ready to take the first step in pursuing a role in Entertainment at Disney? Click here to explore and keep Cullen’s advice in mind for your next audition:

“Go into that room and tell a story, show your drive and passion, and leave with a smile on your face knowing you did everything you could. Don’t overthink a ‘what if’ or an ‘I should’ve,’ if the timing is right and you have a story to tell, it will happen for you too!”

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Walt Disney World performer Cullen wearing a Pluto sweatshirt at Pluto's Corner on the Walt Disney Studios Lot.