6 Women Who Make Magic at Disney Parks

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we're spotlighting some of the remarkable women who bring the magic to life at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Read on to explore the stories of a few of the women bringing these magical destinations to life.

Sierra, Entertainment Stage Technician, Walt Disney World Resort

Entertainment Stage Technician at EPCOT

“I chose Disney because all the movies, stories and characters were influential in my upbringing and have shaped the person that I am today.”

In her role as an entertainment stage technician and EPCOT park props crew chief, Sierra values mentoring and fostering a positive work environment where she feels inspired by her team and in turn is able to inspire others. Sierra recalls creating a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion group with other cast members where they would create monthly challenges, cultural observances and share company resources. “It was all about creating a safe space for cast members to learn about each other, our differences, and to ask questions,” she shares.

Diana, Pastry Chef/Head Baker, Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort Chef

"When I say the possibilities are endless, I mean it. I never imagined that I could do and experience some of the things I have through my love for desserts and pastry."

Diana creates magic through unique desserts. Her daily duties involve overseeing production, ensuring quality, and fostering a tight-knit team environment. With eight years of experience, starting as a Pastry Cook, she values the creative freedom and mentorship provided by her leaders. Her advice to aspiring culinary professionals: “Disney Culinary is where you can take that love and passion for what you do, and really divulge yourself in it.”

Elizabeth, Food & Beverage Coordinator, Walt Disney World Resort


"My everyday goal is to leave all my guests I interact with a smile on their face, not only the guests, but my fellow cast members."

Elizabeth empowers her team to create memorable moments, like assisting a guest in need with a unique food solution. Originating as a Disney College Program Participant eight years ago, she's navigated various roles, finding fulfillment in the close-knit team environment. To those considering a role at Disney, Elizabeth encourages taking the leap, highlighting the transformative experiences and friendships waiting. She expresses that when you’re a cast member, “YOU are the magic. And it’s fun being the magic every once and awhile.”

Laura, Cosmetologist, Disneyland Resort

Cosmetologist at Disneyland Resort

“What inspired me to work for Disneyland was remembering my childhood. The magic moments that we as a family had and I can bring my family now.”

Laura started as a lead trainer, opening shows and growing with the support of the Disney family and mentors. Each day is unpredictable, working with creative and passionate stylists on the Cosmetology team. Disney's benefits and tools have contributed to her success, especially with opportunities like Disney Aspire for continuing her education. Being bilingual, she values the inclusive environment in her department, finding happiness in meaningful work. Encouraging others to join, she emphasizes that at Disney, everyone is welcome to contribute their creative and passionate touch to the magic.Top of Form

Meg, Lifeguard, Walt Disney World Resort


“What inspired me to work for Disneyland was remembering my childhood. The magic moments that we as a family had and I can bring my family now.”

Meg brings joy as a lifeguard and coordinator. For her, making magic is about personal connections. With a journey spanning entertainment and recreation since 2015, she values the team mentality and strives to create a safe and comfortable environment. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with guests, especially making magical moments. Meg recalls a time when she was talking to a child and found out they had just beaten cancer. “I partnered with our runners at the front desk, and we were able to put together a stellar basket full of snacks, games, and Spider-Man toys to send up to their room.”

Kym, Specialty Cook, Disneyland Resort


"If you are looking for an opportunity to work with amazing chefs who will push you to be better and inspire you every day and the chance to work with the best products, then Disney Culinary is the job for you."

As a lifelong Disney fan, Kym appreciates the unique environment and commitment to quality at Disney. The intense yet collaborative kitchen environment and witnessing guests' joy means a lot to her. “I love the fact that we are an open kitchen so the guests can have that experience … It’s one thing to finish a dish and send it out to a table, but to be able to see if they enjoy it is another thing,” expresses Kym.

From cosmetology and culinary arts to hospitality and recreation, these women exemplify the diverse talents contributing to the magic of Disney Parks. Their journeys reflect the boundless opportunities within the company and inspire us to pursue our passions.

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