Creating Home-Away-From-Home Magic as a Houseman at Disneyland Resort

Martin is more than a Houseman in the bustling corridors of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa; he brings magic into the lives of guests and fellow cast members alike. His journey with Disney began as a decision driven by a desire to provide for his family, but it quickly transformed into a commitment to creating special moments for others.

“To be honest, with a family to support, I wanted to work for an employer that offered medical and dental benefits,” said Martin. “I did graduate from Cal Polytechnic University in 2017 with a hospitality degree and thought Disney would be a wonderful place to start the next chapter of my career.”

When you enter the realm of Disney, you step into a world where magic isn't just a concept; it's an experience. Martin's account of an encounter with a guest speaks volumes about the remarkable experiences woven into his everyday routine.

Disneyland cast member holding up his nametag at Disney's Grand Californian Resort. His nametag reads "Martin"
Disneyland houseman Cast Member making a bed at DIsney's Grand Californian Resort

"Assisting a guest in a wheelchair turned into an opportunity to brighten her day. We decorated her room together for her best friend's birthday, and amid the decorations and laughter, she shared her inspiring story of resilience in the face of adversity. Her spirit rekindled my passion as a Disneyland cast member."

Joining the team in December 2017, Martin embraced his role as a Houseman, supporting Room Attendants and engaging in various projects. In 2022, as he celebrated his fifth year of service, he began to pursue a passion for training new cast members.

“I am having so much fun welcoming our new cast to our Disney family. I became a Houseperson Trainer where I implement the Five Keys to our new cast members, which is exciting to see where I can welcome them to the Housekeeping team or another nearby department.”

Balancing personal aspirations with professional growth, Martin harbors dreams of management roles. However, his experience at Disney has broadened his horizons, presenting diverse opportunities beyond conventional managerial paths. Describing the work environment as cohesive, Martin values the culture of appreciation fostered by managers and the collective positivity among the team.

disneyland cast member holding an "im celebrating" button that says "apply now"

"We are cultivating an environment where it's encouraged to help each other. My favorite part about this team environment is the coaching. Whether I am in my home location coaching the new cast by being an example for them by demonstrating how to apply the Five Keys or sharing coaching tips during Step into the Magic.”

In addition to being there to help each other out, Martin has seen a positive shift of openness and belonging among cast members with the addition of the Inclusion Key.

“Disney is providing a safe and secure environment where cast members can be true to themselves.”

Martin's day finds its magic in interactions with guests, especially when guiding lost visitors, sharing anecdotes, and learning about their excitement for the park. For him, these moments are the highlight of his role.

“Being a father of two boys, nine and thirteen years old, I appreciate it when other cast members engage with my family. My favorite part of the day is when I engage with guests.”

Being part of the story of The Walt Disney Company holds great significance for Martin.

"Disney, to me, is a symbol of happiness, whether it is in the form of movies, television shows, or playing in the parks, it is a place where guests and cast can have fun. It is what Walt Disney began all those years ago and we will continue to carry that forward. I am proud to say I work at the Disneyland Resort.”

To anyone considering working for Disney, Martin's advice echoes the encouragement and wisdom he received: "Don't underestimate your strengths; every opportunity is a steppingstone towards an incredible journey within this company. Seize any opportunity that comes your way, you will be surprised how far your journey can go.”

Martin's story encapsulates the essence of Disney's magic, where practical choices intertwine with unexpected passions. His unwavering dedication and belief in the magic of Disney continue to shape extraordinary moments for all who cross his path.

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