How a Disney Intern Makes Marketing Magic

With its unparalleled legacy and influence in the entertainment industry, Disney is not just a company but a cultural phenomenon. Behind the magic lies a marketing strategy that captivates audiences worldwide. Let's get to know Dylan, an intern on one of Disney's marketing teams. His story shows how Disney stays ahead with its creative tactics.


Dylan's journey began with a passion for marketing, cultivated through internships at companies like Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Riot Games. Armed with diverse experiences, Dylan took on a new adventure as a Marketing Strategy Intern at Disney, his first role with the company where he helps to support Lucasfilm & National Geographic Consumer Products.

For Dylan, no two days are alike. "As a marketing strategy intern, I collaborate with teams to deliver assets, campaign pitch kits, toolkits and content adhering to brand guidelines. I also analyze business performance, helping uncover insights for informed recommendations and decision-making," he explains.

One of his favorite projects to work on has been the Star Wars Empire State Building takeover. "As someone new to marketing, learning to reach core and casual fans through a stunt as massive and multipronged as this has definitely been a highlight of my experience," Dylan says.


Dylan's journey hasn't been without its challenges. Stepping into a new marketing realm posed a learning curve, but the experience has been immensely rewarding. He's grateful for his team's patience and guidance and relishes the opportunity to hone his skills in a discipline he's always been passionate about.

One of Dylan's most surprising revelations has been the sheer magnitude of Disney's operations. Navigating through all the departments and specialties, he has seen firsthand how his team collaborates seamlessly within the broader Disney ecosystem.


Working at Disney isn't just a job; it's a journey immersed in a legacy of storytelling and creativity. This legacy is magical and formative for Dylan, shaping his career trajectory in ways he never imagined.

Dylan offers this advice to aspiring Disney interns: "Let your passions shine through in your conversations," he says. Embrace the vibrant culture and showcase your enthusiasm during interviews. This authenticity sets Disney Interns apart and paves the way for an incredible experience.

Dylan's journey embodies the spirit of Disney's marketing strategy – a fusion of passion, creativity and innovation.

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