Behind the Scenes: Disney Interns Making Waves in Journalism

In the busy world of media and journalism, where stories happen fast and every moment is a chance to tell something new, let's meet two Disney Interns who stand out for their passion and hard work at KABC-TV!

Alexis: ABC Content Development Intern


Alexis brings lots of energy and flexibility to her ABC Content Development Intern role. She jumps from busy production sets to working in the content development department at the KABC station, to quiet editing rooms, handling various tasks.

Alexis helps schedule and roll out projects from beginning to end, drafts news articles, and has recently received an Associate Producer credit on multiple projects. She has also helped executive assist Adrianne Anderson, the SVP of Content Development for ABC Owned Television Stations. "My responsibilities may change at any given moment depending upon the need at hand, which makes the job even more exciting," she explains. She has obtained many imperative skills working in the fast pace newsroom, where each day brings new challenges and chances to do something unique.

One of Alexis's big projects was working on "Our America: In The Black," a documentary about closing the racial wealth gap and driving conversations around financial literacy and economic empowerment. She's passionate about telling stories and helping marginalized communities, which shows in everything she does at Disney.

What drives Alexis's work? It's her connections with people from different backgrounds, listening to their stories and sharing them with the world. "The most rewarding part of my job is hearing people share they finally felt heard and seen, they’ve gained a voice, and we couldn't have told their stories any better," she shares. Alexis also finds support and friendship among her colleagues who share her love for storytelling and making a difference.

OUR AMERICA: IN THE BLACK - Saturday, February 3, 2024 - Guests were treated to a special screening of ABC Owned Television Stations’ documentary special “Our America: In the Black,” sponsored by Microsoft Corporation. The event was held at the Microsoft Lounge in Culver City. The special aims to raise awareness of financial health and wellness in the Black community and offers insight into how to bridge the wealth gap through technology. (Disney/Scott Irving)

Raya: Assignment Desk Intern


Being an Assignment Desk Intern at KABC-TV has been a big learning experience for Raya. She plays a crucial role in the newsroom's operations, from gathering news tips to organizing stories for special segments. "I help reporters in the field or producers in the newsroom with their story assignments or shows, particularly with organizing logistics, finding information, or even conducting interviews for our story coverage," explains Raya.

Raya is committed to engaging with the community and telling their stories. She pitches ideas, organizes coverage and adapts quickly to changes in the news. Her professionalism and organizational skills shine through in everything she does.

Two moments stand out for Raya at Disney: her work on Black History Month coverage, which earned her praise for her professionalism, and when a source even requested her presence during a story—a sign of the trust she builds with others.

What inspires Raya's work? The idea that journalism can inform, empower and inspire communities—a belief that drives her to do her best every day. "Our coverage deeply inspires me, and I truly believe that we do good for the community through our journalism," she says. She also finds support and collaboration among her team members, who share her passion for making a difference.


As Alexis and Raya show, being a Disney Intern isn't just about learning—it's about embracing challenges, telling stories and making a difference. They embody Disney's spirit, where passion meets purpose, and every journey is worth sharing.

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