How a Disney Intern landed at Bachelor Mansion and the Oscars Red Carpet

Meet Amy, a content development intern at KABC's 'On the Red Carpet' and a proud member of the Disney family. Let's explore some of Amy's day-to-day tasks, exciting experiences and the fun side of working in the entertainment world!

Amy's job is diverse, from putting together TV segments to making catchy social media videos and writing stuff for the web. Before landing this role, Amy did some social media internships and created short films and ads during school. Her mix of experiences, including some time in retail, taught her how to talk to people and work well on teams – skills that come in handy in her current job.

Amy's proudest achievement so far is a collaboration between TikTok, the Oscars and Disney. She played a big part in making Disney's TikToks for the Oscars promotion, and it was a "really rewarding experience knowing that my leaders entrusted me enough to get such a huge project done on my own," Amy shares.

Intern standing outside Disney Animation Studios

Amy always wanted to work in the film industry, and being close to the action inspires her. Who would've thought her first job out of college would be this cool? Amy loves being part of a team, learning from others, and having role models around. The support and advice she gets from her colleagues make her job even more enjoyable.

As a part of the 'On the Red Carpet' team, Amy's work promotes various Disney projects. Her main goal is to get more eyes on all the cool stuff Disney has going on. The best days for Amy are the ones spent on shoots. Being on set, seeing how things work and the variety in each shoot make her job exciting. It's a unique experience every time. Amy even had the opportunity to visit the Bachelor Mansion and meet the current Bachelor!

disney intern with current bachelor
disney intern at the oscars
disney intern outside bachelor mansion

Amy's story at Disney is all about mixing passion, hard work and collaboration in the entertainment world. Her journey is a source of inspiration for anyone looking to get into content creation and showcases the fun opportunities of being a Disney Intern.

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