Securing the magic: Nicole, senior specialist, global security

Securing the magic drives Nicole Ludd’s Disney career. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Nicole has worked in security for The Walt Disney Company for 17 years from supporting Good Morning America, ABC Corporate Security, and the ESPN Armory to joining the Global Security team as a senior specialist for Production Security, Special Events and Anti-Piracy.

Here's what Nicole shared with us about her career and the importance of security at Disney.


What inspired you to pursue a career in global security?

I absolutely love, adore, and admire my dad who inspired me to join the world of security. Caring for the well-being of other's safety and security comes naturally. I am the eldest of my three siblings and strive to be a motivational and inspirational leader to them. My parents always instilled in us to "protect one another and others.” It's now 20 years in this field but feels like a breeze because I am passionate and take pride in loving what I do, the experiences, and the services I provide.

I think it's a blessing to have love, inspiration, a dream, and passion in life, and I also believe having these qualities led me to work for Disney for so many years, and even boomerang back to the magic!


Tell us more about your role! What is a day in the life like?

Global security is just that… it's global! It's huge. Safety and security are essential to life. There's much that goes on behind the scenes, and that's the magic I enjoy making with this company. I was inspired by the thought of a new journey, opportunities, and possibilities of expanding, growing, obtaining, and sharing knowledge in security.

I am currently a senior specialist with Production & Special Events Security. My role allows me to pretty much be a hybrid. Think of a tree with three lovely branches, one branch being Production Security, another being Events Security, and the last Anti-Piracy. I provide physical security and support to our East Coast television and studio productions and special events.

How would you describe your team dynamic? What kind of person is successful on your team?

The team I am on is very supportive and showcases integrity and respect. My team works efficiently to provide the best security practices, support, and coverage from the kickoff to the wrap of productions and events globally. We hold ourselves, each other, and this company to high standards and security is our priority. We communicate and work together to ensure all productions, events, and overall security needs are successfully met.

I believe each of our roles takes someone dedicated, disciplined, driven, proactive, outgoing, steadfast and eager to learn. Someone with a passion for security and compassion for others. These roles require knowing how to communicate with others, having awareness and paying attention to detail. Thinking ahead and implementing security measures to ensure the safety and protection of all cast members, crew members, employees, guests, visitors, property, and assets across the board.


What are the benefits of working for The Walt Disney Company, and what do you like most about working here?

The benefits of working here at Disney is the freedom to embrace your individuality, be unique, be your genuine self, be creative, innovative, and let the child in you dare to dream. Anything is possible when opportunities and resources are endless. There's always a course or training to join to gain knowledge and obtain new skills. I have been blessed to meet some incredible and talented individuals while working at this company with a few becoming more like family. Building partnerships and collaborating with our production and events teams has been an awesome experience. I am living proof that there is growth in security.

What would you say to someone considering a role at Disney?

I would encourage them to join us in the making of this magic. My advice is to never listen to the naysayers, even when others don't see the vision at first, don't give up on your dreams. Have integrity, do right and do your best even when no one is watching. Work hard and work for a cause, not applause.