Bringing Passion Through Storytelling: Meet Staff Writer, Zaire!

Creating stories for all audiences to enjoy has been a dream come true for this Delaware State University alum. Meet Zaire, a Staff Writer on Disney Channel’s “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder”! Zaire’s talents have taken her from her HBCU campus to the writer’s room here at The Walt Disney Company. Read all about her journey below!

A headshot of Zaire
Zaire Davis
Zaire Davis

Tell us about your day to day!

Every day is different. My role consists of contributing to the scripts in the writer’s room, pitching jokes, and being in the sessions when we record the actors for episodes. In my free time, I audition, work on my scripts, and network with other creatives.

What has been your favorite memory from your role so far?           

Attending “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” premiere was very special! It was fun to watch the new season and celebrate with my friends!

Tell us about your Disney career journey! What inspired you to work at The Walt Disney Company!

I was an intern, participated in the Disney Entertainment Television Writing Program, and then worked my way from an Apprentice Writer to Associate Writer to Staff Writer. I needed an internship while in graduate film school and I happened to land a DEI role under Jay Francis, our Vice President of Current and Development at Disney Television Animation!

Zaire Davis

What was your favorite part about attending a HBCU?

It was nice to be in a place where I could be myself and learn about my culture. Best decision ever!

How did your HBCU experience prepare you for your current role?

Going to an HBCU instilled confidence in me! I was able to pursue my passions and have a community that supported me while and after attending.

Why is Disney’s commitment to HBCUs and Diversity and Inclusion important to you?

Having underrepresented voices in the room while making content for children’s shows and movies is essential! I love how committed Disney is to making DEI a priority. It is necessary and vital.

What advice do you have for HBCU students interested in a career with Disney?

Be yourself during the interview process! Let your strengths and passion shine and go after what you want!

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