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Disney Entertainment Television (DET) Writing Program

The Disney Entertainment Television (DET) Writing Program is a highly selective, annual TV staffing program. The goal is to staff emerging and diverse television writers on DET scripted series. Program Writers are contract employees of Disney for one year (or until they staff on a show), and receive mentorship, professional development, and unprecedented access to the company and its creative executives, producers, showrunners, and program alumni. Each year, one writer receives the Eunetta T. Boone Comedy Writers Scholarship and special staffing consideration on a Disney Branded Television series. In 2024, the program will create the FX John Singleton Scholarship, providing one writer special staffing consideration on an FX Networks series.


Established in 1990, the one-year writing program is widely recognized as one of the entertainment industry’s most successful of its type. It has kickstarted the careers of many established and award-winning writers, producers and showrunners, including Saladin Patterson, Raamla Mohammed, Peter Saji, Zahir McGhee, Dailyn Rodriguez, Luvh Rakhe, Sierra Ornelas, and Claudia Foriestri, among many others.


The Program has had a 100% staffing rate each year. It also has a long history of being the only staffing/writing initiative in the entertainment industry to employ its writers contractually as full-time employees prior to staffing.


Writing Program Application



The annual submission period for the Writing Program will be opening October 24, 2023. Please visit our application page, or follow us on our Facebook page to receive updates and alerts about the submission period.

2022-23 Disney Entertainment Writing Program

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