Disney Programs Reps: HBCU Roll Call!

We’re hitting the road and coming to you! If you haven’t heard, applications for the Disney College Program HBCU Cohort are officially open and you don’t want to miss your chance to make magic all summer long. Did you know that HBCUs across the country have Programs Reps ready to answer any and all of your questions?

As we kick off our campus visits, we want to introduce you to a few current HBCU students who are alumni of the Disney College Program HBCU Cohort powered by Disney on the Yard! Keep reading to learn more about our amazing Programs Reps.

Tyreah, Alabama A&M University
Tyreah, Alabama A&M University
Ja'Nayah, Delaware State University
Ja'Nayah, Delaware State University
LaZarion, Alcorn State University
LaZarion, Alcorn State University

Where did you work on your Disney College Program?

Tyreah: Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and PhotoPass Photographer at Magic Kingdom

Ja’Nayah: Festival Host in EPCOT and Quick Service Food and Beverage Host at Satu’li Canteen in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

LaZarion: Quick Service Food and Beverage Host at Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

What inspired you to apply for the Disney College Program HBCU Cohort?

Ja’Nayah: I was inspired by the fact that Disney prioritized HBCUs enough to make a program specifically for students. I thought since I attended a HBCU and love the culture here why not get the best of both worlds on my program.

What is your favorite memory during your time as a Disney College Program participant?

Tyreah: My most cherished memory from my time as a College Program Participant is the nostalgic joy of taking pictures in front of Cinderella castle. Whether it was capturing the excitement of a family experiencing it for the first time or witnessing a heartwarming engagement, being a part of those moments as a memory maker was truly special. Each family holds a unique place in my heart, and the thought of contributing to their lasting memories brings me immense joy.


LaZarion: My favorite memory was going to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park with my friends that I met from the Disney College Program. It was one of the best days I had on this program and one of my last days. It gave me an opportunity to spend quality time with people I had been working with all summer and allowed us to really solidify our friendship bonds.

Were there any programs or events hosted by the Disney College Program that you enjoyed?

Tyreah: One of the highlights during my time in the Disney College Program was the Endless Possibilities Showcase. This event provided a fantastic opportunity for Disney College Program participants to connect with cast members from across the expansive Disney network. It was an eye-opener to the truly limitless possibilities within Disney.

And then there’s YardFest, my absolute favorite. This event holds a special place in my heart because it brings together participants from the Disney College Program HBCU Cohort for a lively gathering reminiscent of a big cookout.


Complete with music, line dancing- my personal favorite – YardFest is not just about the HBCU Cohort; it’s a chance for everyone to come together, enjoy the festivities, and learn about the HBCUs in a spirit of fellowship.

LaZarion: I enjoyed two specific events a lot. One was a HBCU Panel where I got to meet an Alcorn State alum, who I’ve kept in contact with and had great conversations.  The other one was a leadership training that taught us about the different leadership styles, organization skills, and networking skills. I learned a lot about myself in this class, and it has helped me as I embarked on the biggest leader role yet, as a Drum Major in the Sounds of Dyn-O-mite band.

Can you explain your role as a HBCU Campus Rep?

Tyreah: As a HBCU Programs Rep, I find immense fulfilment in what I believe is the best job for a college student. In this role, I aim to share my personal experiences with fellow students at my school, aspiring to be support and a guide for them.

Ja’Nayah: My role as a HBCU Programs Rep is to bring awareness to the Disney College Program and give students the opportunity to learn more about it. As a rep, I am here as an alum of the Disney College Program to guide students through my experiences and their application process to make them feel more at ease. I am here to answer all those questions that I wanted answers to, and to guide them along their program journey.


What advice do you have for other HBCU students interested in applying for the cohort?

Tyreah: In the film Meet the Robinsons, Franklin D. Roosevelt once wisely said, “The only Limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” Embrace this wisdom and take a step toward your future by applying for the Disney College Program today!

Ja’Nayah: For those students interested in applying to the Disney College Program HBCU Cohort, I would say to take the leap of faith and because there are so many opportunities available for you while on the program. Originally, when I applied for the program, I thought I was going to work, attend some events, and go to the parks but what I couldn’t foresee was that I was going to learn. I learned a lot about myself and ways to succeed in my future. You never know what you could receive out of your program.

Stay tuned, as we are visiting even more HBCUs in March!

To learn more about the Disney College Program HBCU Cohort Powered by Disney on the Yard visit here.