Building Pipelines for HBCU Students in Entertainment

The Walt Disney Company thrives on fresh perspectives from all backgrounds and identities to accurately reflect our stories. David, a digital video content associate at ESPN, is one of the many storytellers at Disney dedicated to giving diverse perspectives a seat at the table.


“My production pitches never went unnoticed and the majority of them came to life,” David said. “Pitching ideas to executives can be nerve-wracking but I never once felt I was the only African American, the youngest, or just another intern.”

David continued at Disney shortly after his internship with his current ESPN position. It was a perfect fit for David as his passion for emulating inspiration, education, and joy aligned with the magic Disney brought to his life since he was a child.

“The signs couldn’t be more clear that this was the path for me,” he said.


As a proud graduate of Texas Southern University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) in Houston, David appreciates how his alma mater prepared him for his current role.

His role often requires attention to detail and effectively capitalizing on industry trends. “As an HBCU graduate, you understand the true meaning of perseverance,” David said. “Making do with what you have trains you to think outside of the box, to be innovative…it creates a hunger to be great.”

David, who describes himself as a “diamond in the rough,” continues to be empowered to achieve greatness through The Walt Disney Company’s growing commitment to HBCUs. Established in 2019, Disney on the Yard was created to cultivate a stronger network of HBCU professionals at Disney through events and sponsorship, mentorship and educational opportunities.

David, who was one of the first mentees in the Disney on the Yard Mentorship program, says initiatives like this provided him the opportunity he needed to prove he belonged. He also hopes other HBCU students will be able to benefit similarly in the future.

“The pipeline of HBCU talent to The Walt Disney Company has increased as the years pass, and I’m proud to be a part of the journey,” he said.

He advises other HBCU hopefuls who want to work at Disney to have confidence in their abilities, work hard, pray and, most importantly, build their professional network.

“It’s not about who you know,” David said. “It’s about who knows YOU.”

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