Bringing Cheer and Safety to Guests: Meet Quinton, Safety Professional

We recently celebrated the most magical time of the year at Disneyland® Resort! Wrapped in festive gear, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and the Disneyland Hotel flourished into a holiday home-away-from-home thanks to our cast members who hung décor with care, in hopes that guests could enjoy the festive cheer.

Take the Christmas tree installation for example. Each hotel featured a uniquely themed tree decorated with whimsical touches and traditional trimmings, installed by numerous teams within Disney including Safety Services, Horticulture, Hotel Engineering Services, Housekeeping, Disneyland Fire Department and more.

“It was surprising to see how many separate lines of business are interconnected and work together to bring about a desired outcome at Disneyland Resort,” said Quinton Adams, Safety Professional. “All groups play an important role in bringing this piece of holiday magic to the guests staying at the hotel. It is incredible to see the holiday overlays transform the resort overnight.”


From supporting the Hotel Safety team to his recent transition onto the Facilities and Operations Services Safety team, Quinton enjoys having a behind-the-scenes look into making magic at the Resort firsthand. He adds that interacting with other cast members is one of his favorite parts of the day because he draws inspiration from contributing to their safety.

“If an area had an incident or injury, working with the area leaders to eliminate the hazard or implement an engineering or administrative control, reduces the likelihood of a similar incident from repeating itself,” he shared. “It also shows the cast that the company and their leaders care about their well-being and are taking action to prevent any additional incidents or injuries from occurring.”

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These learnings are then shared within the Safety Services team to help spread knowledge and collaboration on the best approach to safety guidelines for cast members and guests.

“I value this opportunity to partner with my fellow team members to further grow my own knowledge base as well as apply that knowledge out in the field,” said Quinton. “The Disney parks are internationally known as a very safe and family-friendly place to spend time, and this is by no accident. A lot of work goes into ensuring our attractions, food and beverage locations, entertainment offerings, etc., are safe for everyone.”

In his role, he’s found there to be a healthy balance between working behind his computer screen and performing safety walks, partaking in Safety & Wellness Committee meetings, and shadowing cast members to see the work they perform on a day-to-day basis.

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And as The Walt Disney Company celebrates 100 years, and he looks to the future of his career, the possibilities are never-ending as part of the Disney story. When asked if he had any advice for someone aspiring to work at Disney, Quinton shared that you should take your career into your own hands and be an advocate for yourself. Share your accomplishments and lessons learned with your leader and team members.

By reaching out to a team leader within the Safety department, he developed a mentor/mentee relationship that has enhanced his employment experience at Disney and led to him securing his current role.

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