Creating Magical Narratives: Bill’s Journey to Storyliving by Disney


Creating captivating stories with the magic of Disney has always been a dream for Bill. As a child he spent hours in his room drawing Disney characters while dreaming of becoming an Animator. His passion for storytelling led him to his role as a Sales Director for Storyliving by Disney. In this role, Bill leads his team toward achieving target sales results while maintaining brand integrity.

Bill has worked at Disney for 12 years and has held a variety of leadership roles including some at Disney Vacation Club. His experience developing and implementing sales strategies while managing large teams has prepared him for this unique adventure. He attributes his success in his career to the leadership and mentorship he’s had throughout his career.

Joining the Storyliving team is exciting and unique because it allows cast members like Bill to be part of a brand-new Disney experience.

“It feels like being at the forefront of innovation and creativity, contributing to something that will bring joy and magic to countless people. The opportunity to shape and influence a new venture within Disney is a significant responsibility and a unique privilege.”

This project provides cast members with the unique experience of building a community with residents. It’s an experience that is more than just magical moments during a vacation, it allows the magic to be woven into their everyday lives.

“This project allows us to build a community that embodies Disney's values and offers a new way for people to connect with the brand daily.”


Bill is inspired by his ability to create magical and meaningful experiences for people. He is motivated by knowing his work creates unforgettable experiences for others. Working alongside his talented, passionate team helps to inspire him daily.

“My favorite aspect of our team environment is the collaborative spirit. Everyone is willing to share ideas, support one another, and work together to achieve our common goals. There's a strong sense of camaraderie and mutual respect, which makes working together both productive and enjoyable.”

Working for Disney can be challenging because the standards of excellence are so high, but Bill mentions that it’s most rewarding to see the positive impact his team’s work has on guests. The strong support and collaborative spirit amongst cast members makes it easier to succeed.

“Despite the company's size, there's a strong sense of community and a willingness to help each other succeed.”

In Bill’s opinion, any potential candidates should know that a career with Disney requires a solid commitment to excellence, among other things.

“It's essential to be adaptable, creative, and collaborative.”

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