HBCU Alumni Spotlight Ryan, Manager of Advertising and Media

Ryan is a Manager of Advertising and Media here at The Walt Disney Company. Ryan is a proud Hampton University Pirate who majored in Strategic Communications at the Scripps Howards School of Journalism and Communications. Here’s a peek into how she’s creating magic as an HBCU alumni and Disney employee!

Tell us about your role!

I work on the Advertising and Media team under the larger Marketing team at FX. My role is to strategize and execute results-driven paid marketing campaigns to promote FX shows. In this role, I help to develop series positioning, audience targeting strategies, and innovative integrated marketing tactics (informed by internal and external research, cultural insights, historical campaign knowledge, first-party data, and streaming TV consumption behaviors) to achieve show-specific and overarching brand goals across every marketing vertical and medium throughout the lifecycle of marketing campaigns.

Ryan at ESPN

What is a highlight from your role so far?

My favorite project to work on was Atlanta. It was my first campaign when I joined FX, and it was exciting to work on the long-awaited and highly anticipated season 3 after a 4-year hiatus. The coolest part of the paid marketing campaign that I worked on was the custom video we did with Hot New Hip Hop. The video showcased Atlanta-based artist Omerettà The Great and up-and-coming European rapper Aitch, who freestyle rapped to align with a storyline in the show.

Have you held any other roles at The Walt Disney Company?

Yes, when I originally moved to Los Angeles in 2017 it was to complete a summer internship with ESPN. Although I did not secure a full-time position after the internship concluded, it was always my goal to return to the company. After gaining more industry experience at a media agency (where my client was FX) and then at VICE, I am happy to be back at Disney again.

What was your favorite part about attending an HBCU?

While attending Hampton University I was a member of the women's basketball team that secured two MEAC Conference championships, two NCAA tournament appearances and one Women's National Invitation Tournament post-season win. Being a student-athlete was hard, but I cherish those memories and am so thankful for the skills and experiences I had during my time on the team.

Ryan Jordan_HamptonUWBBalll_11.3.23

Disney on the Yard is dedicated to building a community for HBCU alumni working across The Walt Disney Company and providing meaningful opportunities for HBCU students. What does Disney on the Yard mean to you?

Disney on the Yard means a community within a very large company with people who have had similar experiences as me. It’s a safe space to meet and communicate with others while sharing our perspectives, accomplishments, and opportunities to continue to support HBCU students.