Disney Program Participants Join the Reopening Team of 1900 Park Fare

"I wish my wish as dream makers do… and believe in myself to make it come true." These are the words spoken each day as guests from around the world dine at the newly reimagined 1900 Park Fare restaurant at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. Cast members fortunate enough to call 1900 Park Fare home are now considered "Wish Makers." 

(From left to right: Matthew, Aiden, Klara, JP, Anoah and Dale)
(From left to right: Matthew, Aiden, Klara, JP, Anoah and Dale)

Six program participants were a part of this grand reopening team. Continue reading to learn how their experience has been so far, their favorite dishes and what wishes they hope come true on their programs!

1900 Park Fare-klara

Klara got the call to join the 1900 Park Fare opening team while she was doing schoolwork at the Grand Floridian Resort. "I was so excited because I love character dining and the Grand Floridian. It's my favorite resort, so I was over the moon!" 

She learned of the Disney College Program last May during her first visit to Walt Disney World. Klara enjoys the famous strawberry soup and the wishing ceremony in the dining area. Klara even made a wish of her own! "I just got approved for my extension, which I wished for during our wishing ceremony!"

Anoah is from southern California and attends school in Hawaii. He understands the significance of his role as a seater, saying, "It's a big responsibility. We're one of the first people the guests come to see." 

Anoah has learned a lot about customer service and Disney's emphasis on the guest experience. He visited the restaurant as a guest and highly recommends the eggs benedict. During the rest of his program, he wishes to continue meeting fantastic people and growing his skill set. 

1900 Park Fare-Anoah
1900 Park Fare-Aiden

Aiden is from Jeffersonville, Indiana and heard about the College Program from a good friend who is an alumnus. While in the queue for Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Aiden got the phone call. Aiden's first-ever shift at 1900 Park Fare was the grand reopening. He said he met so many wonderful people and even held the opening day ribbon. We wanted to know if Aiden had made any wishes which he had - and one of them has already come true! "Before I even got here, I was wishing and hoping that I was going to make some friends. On my very first night shift, I met some friends, and we hit it off! Everyone here is just an amazing person to be around."

JP is from Cleveland, Ohio. He was very happy to get the call that he'd be joining the 1900 Park Fare family. He had never worked in food and beverage before and saw it as an exciting new journey. Some skills he has learned in his role are professionalism and communication. He explained the importance of professionalism with everybody you meet, including guests, leaders and coworkers. 

He regards the dessert offerings as top-tier, stating, "Our bakery is the best. They make the best pastries." When asked what he wishes for from his program, JP says, "I just wish to stay close with the friends that I've made here and take these connections and the skills that I've learned with me throughout life."                

1900 Park Fare-JPP
1900 Park Fare-Matt copy
1900 Park Fare-dale

There would be no fine dining experience without the efforts of our amazing culinary cast members. We heard from two participants, Matthew and Dale, who are part of Disney's Culinary Program. Matthew says he has gained skills in efficiency and problem-solving. Dale loves guest interaction. "Because we're walking out and changing things on the buffet line a lot, it gives us the opportunity to interact with the guests. It's definitely good in terms of public speaking and social skills." 

We had to ask them about their favorite dishes! According to Matthew, "When you're here, you have to try the prime rib!" Dale raves about Tiana's Gumbo, saying, "Being from Louisiana, it's not many places in Florida where you can get gumbo, so that's this good." Matthew and Dale know they will use the skills they have gained in this role in their future careers. 

JP told us, "This opportunity was a great wish that came true!" These participants develop professional skills and build relationships while creating magic daily. 

There are so many unforgettable experiences to have on a Disney Program. See for yourself and learn more at DisneyPrograms.com!