Making music at sea with Disney Cruise Line: Meet Katie, Pianist

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“I’ve always wanted to work on cruise ships, so when I saw the audition for Disney Cruise Line, I knew that I would be auditioning for a company that takes pride in what they produce and show. If they wanted me, then that meant that I was good enough for the BEST! This meant a lot to me, especially as a young woman in this industry.”

Meet Katie Bell, a pianist onboard the Disney Wish! Katie has been entertaining guests with Disney Cruise Line since 2023 but began playing piano over 20 years ago inspired by seeing her brother play and sing in pubs and piano bars.

“A friend of mine sent me the audition information and I decided to send in a video on a whim. I almost didn’t even record my self tape because I thought no one would see it!”

Musicians with Disney Cruise Line bring a wide variety of entertainment to life in venues across the fleet of ships, from themed lounges to restaurants to the incredible Grand Hall on the Disney Wish. Depending on the venue, musicians could be playing show tunes, Disney favorites, classic rock, jazz, and more, so preparing for each performance is key.

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“Typically, I spend my mornings resting before getting lunch and then go over my set lists for the evening. I make sure to stretch and relax before I go and work in the evenings. I like to read in between sets! And if I have time, I love soaking up the sun of Castaway Cay!”

Maintaining Disney’s reputation for unparalleled entertainment challenges the onboard musicians to consistently improve and broaden their experience as performers.

“What inspires me is being able to see how I can grow and push myself as a performer every day, as well as inspiring those around me and kindling their passion for music. Playing every day can be a challenge both physically and mentally, but at the same time, it’s also extremely rewarding to witness my growth in the past year from playing so much! It’s also so rewarding when I play a song for a guest that means a lot to them and see that magic of live music hit them.”

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Some of Katie’s favorite parts of her role are being able to do something that she loves each day while working with a team of incredibly talented musicians.

“My favorite part is connecting with so many people all with incredible stories and experiences! One time a dad brought his young daughter into the Keys Lounge while I was performing, and she got so excited to see a ‘pretty girl’ playing piano and singing just like she does. It truly warmed my heart knowing that I was inspiring her to keep playing.”

The biggest surprise throughout her time with Disney Cruise Line? “How many connections I’ve made, stories I’ve heard, and incredible people I’ve met - including my boyfriend! The Disney Cruise Line community is truly incredible."

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For those considering pursuing a musician contract with Disney Cruise Line, Katie encourages them to go for it.

“Don’t doubt your skills and talent. It’s a really fun gig that allows you to explore your artistry, travel, meet other musicians, and make lasting memories! It’s never too early or too late to make your dreams come true. As a young woman musician, I always feel so much pride going to work knowing that I’m inspiring those around me and showing them that you can create Disney magic at any age and skill.”

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