Disney Chefs Share Their Advice for Aspiring Culinary Talent

A role with the Disney Culinary team can take you on a remarkable journey, from creating unforgettable dining experiences for guests around the world to sharpening your skills as you learn a vast array of cuisines from catering, fine dining, pastry, quick service and more. Thinking about pursuing a culinary career at Disney? Check out the advice from five Disney Chefs and discover the possibilities today!


Embrace a culture of camaraderie

“When I first got here, on my first day on the job, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. But once I got here, the welcoming I got, it was wonderful and magical. They treated me like I was part of the family.” – Chef Mayrelee, Assistant Sous Chef Pastry/Bakery, Walt Disney World Resort


Discover the Disney difference

“There are many perks and benefits that come with working for The Walt Disney Company. Take advantage of all the cast events and programs that are available, because you can meet so many different people from all sorts of walks of life. I am utilizing Disney Aspire. I’ve used it to complete my bachelor’s program from Bellevue University and now I’m going for my master’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University!” – Chef Jeff, Sous Chef, Disneyland Resort

Expand your horizons

“My journey represents the growth opportunities available at Disney. I went from a Disney College Program student to now working as a Pastry Chef. You need to work with an open mind because you never know what is around the corner being imagined! You can go from a steakhouse to an African animal reserve, to cooking at the edge of the galaxy all while staying at the same company.” – Chef Amanda, Pastry Chef, Walt Disney World Resort


Every leader is a learning opportunity

“My best advice for young culinarians today is to take in as much information as you can. Work for as many Chefs as you can. Learn how all of them approach food and how they talk about it, handle it and appreciate it. Learn their techniques. Learn what makes them tick. Disney is such a great place to see so many different styles and types of food that you will learn so much – take it all in and better yourself each day.” – Chef Brian, Culinary Director, Concept Development, Walt Disney World Resort


Enjoy your role at the heart of the magic

“To be here at Magic Kingdom at the center of everything, it's an amazing experience. What I find most fulfilling about my role is serving up wonderful dishes, great quality for the guests, to see the smile on their face as they're eating their food, and for them to be content when they're leaving and hoping to come back for more. Every day's an adventure, every day is a different experience, and it just gives you that much knowledge.” – Chef Rudy, Sous Chef, Walt Disney World Resort

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