A Dream to Perform Comes True for a Disney Intern at Hong Kong Disneyland

Natalie, a talented Taiwanese student pursuing her passions as a Technology & Digital Team intern, recently lived out a dream she has held close to her heart since childhood: performing live at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Close up of Natalie Yen playing the piano

From a young age, Natalie had dreamt of performing at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. This dream was reignited after witnessing a captivating performance by the world-famous pianist, Lang Lang, on the stage of the Castle of Magical Dreams earlier in the year. Natalie expressed deep gratitude to her team, who orchestrated this magical opportunity.

When Natalie was offered the chance to perform after two auditions, her excitement was palpable. However, she also felt a weight of responsibility, wanting to deliver a flawless performance representing the beloved Disney brand. “I dedicated extra hours to practicing for the performance, hoping to execute it perfectly!” explained Natalie.

On the morning of her performance, Natalie admitted feeling nervous until she saw her Technology & Digital team members showing up to support her. “My team is like family to me,” she says. Their presence transformed her anxiety into confidence. "Their encouragement was undoubtedly essential in calming me down and making my performance possible," Natalie shared.

Natalie Yen posing for a photo, sitting at a piano
Natalie Yen playing the piano

Reflecting on her journey, Natalie imparted a valuable lesson: "Chance favors the prepared mind." Her journey from a childhood hobby of playing the piano to performing at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel underscores the importance of perseverance and readiness for unexpected opportunities. She encourages young professionals not to underestimate their past experiences. She wants them to know that “you never know what magical opportunities await in the future.”

Having long dreamed of working at The Walt Disney Company, Natalie's internship in Tech & Digital came sooner than expected. As a final-year Information Systems and Computer Science student, Natalie seized the opportunity to gain real-world experience and career insights with her dream company.

Growing up watching Disney Channel in Taiwan, Natalie credits Disney for teaching her English and instilling values of kindness and curiosity. Even as she pursues her studies in Hong Kong, Natalie's annual birthday treat is a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, where she immerses herself in the vibrant and positive atmosphere.

Natalie's favorite character is Rapunzel, who is admired for her kindness, determination, and adventurous spirit. Inspired by Rapunzel's willingness to pursue her dreams and explore the world, Natalie aspires to embody these qualities.

Natalie Yen holding flowers and standing in front of a piano

Natalie's journey from a Disney enthusiast to a performer at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is a testament to the power of dreams, perseverance and the support of a dedicated team. As she continues her career in technology, Natalie remains grateful for the magical moments Disney has brought into her life.

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