Disney Dream Teams from Unlikely Places: Meet Sarah

Sarah was at an advertising agency in New York City when she took the first steps toward what would be her Disney journey.

“I wanted to get stronger digital experience and found MAKER Studios,” Sarah said.

Not long after, Sarah’s team at MAKER Studios transitioned into what was then called Disney Interactive. As a newly made cast member, Sarah stumbled across Disney Yellow Shoes— the internal advertising agency for Disney Experiences that she says felt like a dream team for her.

“It combined my experience in and passion for advertising, 360 campaigns, and Disney all into one,” Sarah said.

After some cold calls, right timing and a competitive interview process, Sarah finally joined her dream team through an account management role. And now on her third team at Disney Yellow Shoes as the Digital Director of Digital Marketing, Sarah says her time at the agency has been nothing short of endless possibilities.

“There are so many brilliant people around the company who we get to work with and make cool stuff with,” she said. “Where else in the world can you work on projects with Marvel, ESPN, and Disney Parks all in one day?”

Her role at Disney Yellow Shoes enables Sarah to “fill the world with extra wonder and magic” by working on beloved Disney franchises and bringing experiences to life for guests through advertising and content.

Witnessing the impact of those brought-to-life moments is one of the many things that has kept her at the company for seven years and counting.

“We have one of the most special relationships with our consumers and fans. The importance of protecting and fostering that relationship is never lost on me,” Sarah said.

Yellow Shoes’ diverse clientele has led Sarah to exciting projects across The Walt Disney Company, ranging from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Disney100. Sarah’s team was also behind planting real-life Pixar easter eggs in the Google Street View of Toy Story Land.

“Within three days, we had pitched and sold the idea to our marketing strategy, Pixar, Google and operations partners. We sat and waited for the fans to notice…once it caught fire, traffic on Google Street View’s page increased 1500% and the program earned 800 million media impressions,” Sarah said. “Sometimes the best ideas come from a simple ‘what if’ and no budget.”

But in the advertising world, eureka moments like planting real-life Pixar easter eggs don't always come naturally. To keep the creative juices flowing, Sarah actively engages with new experiences.

It's hard to innovate when you’re constantly playing in the same sandbox,” Sarah said. “I seek out experiences and knowledge…nine times out of ten, there is some sort of direct or indirect lesson that I can apply to the creative work that I’m doing here at Disney.”

As that quest for new experiences continues to guide Sarah through innovative campaigns and career milestones, she actively encourages her Yellow Shoes team to pursue the same.

“Every day, I get to surround myself with Imagineers, filmmakers, creators, innovators…and I am constantly humbled by that,” Sarah said.

“I encourage everyone on my team to explore themselves and their own superpowers, whatever stage they’re in, and learn how to bring them to the table.”

Sarah also mentioned the importance of mentorship. Having played mentor and mentee in her career, she believes that mentorship binds organizations together, is a strong symbol of togetherness— and is essential for anyone looking to start a Disney career.

“Learn what it is you want to contribute to the world, then find people who you think are doing that thing today and get to know them!” Sarah said. “I’ve gotten every single job in my career from a cold reach out or coffee talks. Anything is possible.”

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