Meet Luke, Former Intern Turned Marketing Manager

For many employees at The Walt Disney Company UK, their internships are just the beginning of their Disney story. Meet Luke! He is a Regional Softlines Marketing Manager who began his Disney career as an intern with the Character Voices Operations team.

Luke, Regional Softlines Marketing Manager
Luke, Regional Softlines Marketing Manager

During his internship, one of his main responsibilities included organising the localisation for a mobile application. While working on such projects, he learned about many opportunities Disney offers to their employees. He said, “Before I started working for the company, it was difficult to comprehend the size and scale of the office environment. But I learned that means one can get involved in a variety of areas.”

Working for Disney showed him the importance of collaboration. Beyond being an intern and throughout his career, this lesson is essential because his best work and ideas come to life when working with others.

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After completing his internship, Luke continued to grow his professional career outside of the company, but ultimately decided to return. When asked what influenced his decision to come back, he explained, “I am very passionate about Disney’s brands and IP. I am also interested in sports, and my returning role focused on those partnerships.”

In Luke’s current position, he sits on the Softlines Marketing team. This team drives all marketing related to fashion and home merchandising with key partners. Luke works with these partners to create and manage campaigns, making his days varied, creative and rewarding.

So far, his proudest project was leading a marketing campaign that involved a three-way collaboration between Disney, a clothing brand, and an artist. His team’s responsibilities included telling the story of the artist’s unique style, travelling to New York, and managing content creation and in-store activation.

For those looking to apply to internships in the UK, he offers this advice, “Focus on the people as well as the role itself. Expand your network and connect with like-minded people. You never know where you’ll end up!”

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