Disney UK Employees Provide Insight for Screen Industry Careers at Pinewood Studios’ Futures Festival

Pinewood Studios’ Futures Festival is the largest free careers event in the UK for 14 to 22-year-olds looking to start a career in the film and TV industry. In November, more than 4,000 people attended with visitors ranging from school groups keen to learn about career paths in the film industry to university students looking for their first opportunity.

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Pinewood Chopper
Pinewood TWDS Booth

The Walt Disney Studios team partnered with Disney Live Action, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light & Magic to showcase props, talk about opportunities, and give advice on making the first step into the world of production. It was also a great way to showcase the breadth of career paths available in film and provided a networking opportunity for attendees.

Pinewood Studios Futures Festival

Participants met with recruiters about possible careers at Pinewood Studios. One of those recruiters was Francesca, Senior Recruiter with Talent Acquisition and Crew Development for The Walt Disney Studios in the UK.

Francesca, Senior Recruiter with Talent Acquisition and Crew Development
Francesca, Senior Recruiter with Talent Acquisition and Crew Development

Here’s what she had to say about the Futures Festival: “It was great to see so many enthusiastic people come along for the event to understand more about working in the film industry. We were able to speak with young students to help them understand a different career pathway as well as individuals ready for their first opportunity.”

When asked about the importance of the festival, Francesca said, “It is important for people to understand the wide range of departments and opportunities available within the industry. There are many different pathways into production, and it’s great for individuals to see how they can make a career from something they’re passionate about.”

Francesca has worked across multiple business areas within Disney and enjoys seeing the passion and talent of everyone she works with. Since supporting The Walt Disney Studios at Pinewood, she’s learned more about the film industry and even had the chance to visit a couple of the sets.

“It’s fascinating to see how everything comes together,” she said.

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Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Ruth + Francesca

For Francesca, every day is different. Being a part of The Walt Disney Studios means that she works across multiple studio banners to see incredible stories and content being produced. Her most rewarding moment is helping trainees into their first role in a film or TV production and seeing them build their careers upon their passions.

Are you interested in working in the entertainment industry at Disney? Here’s some advice from Francesca!

“I would recommend going to industry events and networking as much as possible,” she shared. “The industry has incredibly talented people who are eager to pass on their knowledge. Don’t be afraid to connect and ask questions!”

A special thank you to everyone who attended the event! For more information about Pinewood Studios’ Futures Festival, visit: https://pinewoodfuturesfestival.com/.