Turning Pages into Experiences: Meet Alex

Alex Miller was just six years old when he stepped into Disneyland Resort for the first time.

Those first steps would become formative in forging his path, providing a sense of magic Alex says he never let go of.

Fast forward to now, where Alex reciprocates those very memories as a Disney employee—and has been for 14 years.

“I remember wondering early on in my career whether working for Disney and ‘creating the magic’ behind the scenes would spoil the fun,” Alex said. “Fourteen years later, I’m happy to report it hasn’t!”

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Alex currently sits as Senior Manager of Business Development with Publishing. His responsibilities involve implementing strategies to introduce products and services through technology and digital platforms.

Alex added that his team specializes in “bringing the magic” into the lives of guests across the globe.

Alex moved into his current role two years ago. His previous experience involved leading initiatives for Disney’s toys, technology and collectibles. Throughout his time at Disney, Alex has appreciated the “true innovation” that his projects have required of him.

“When there isn’t an established blueprint for success, you have to be creative about how you tackle it,” Alex said.

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Being a proud author of several books, Alex also appreciates working in publishing in an environment that constantly champions passion. However, it’s the dynamic interaction between technology and storytelling that brings him even more excitement.

“As an author, I will always have a fondness for traditional print media, but technology is an enabler and will shape the way our guests and fans experience our stories in ways we can’t even imagine yet,” Alex said.

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But with that newness comes uncertainty—a challenge that sometimes becomes complex when navigating a large enterprise like The Walt Disney Company. But with his team of what Alex describes as “optimists and dreamers” who are “exceptional at what they do,” their ideas come alive in magnificent ways.

“The reward comes when you finally see the project you’ve nurtured for years come to life for our fans and families around the world,” Alex said.

When asked for advice on applying to Disney, Alex stressed the importance of personalizing and redefining ideas around success.

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula for success,” Alex mentioned. “Be authentic, be curious and be passionate!”

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