Organizing Excellence: Behind-the-Desks of Three Disney Administrative Professionals

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Across The Walt Disney Company a special group of individuals keep each workplace organized and optimized for bringing unforgettable experiences and entertainment to life and this week we’re shining the spotlight their way to celebrate Administrative Professionals Week! Meet Anisha, Shawn and Cynthia – three administrative professionals making magic behind-the-scenes. Read on to learn more about their Disney careers and the special role they play in the company.


As a workplace experience assistant supporting Disney Entertainment/Direct-to-Consumer, Anisha balances a variety of responsibilities from welcoming visitors to the office, enhancing office culture with surprise celebrations and activities, managing executive calendars, coordinating conferences and more!

What is your favorite part of your role?

“My favorite part of my role is working together with my team members. We are a dynamic crew, with a fantastic leader, the Vice President of Business Operations for Streaming. We plan and execute our mission with a touch of class and style. We try to outdo past events that have taken place throughout the office and create a positive environment for team building and networking. The most rewarding part of my role is being able to create a happy workplace environment. Feeling appreciation and receiving recognition from staff members, gives me the encouragement to work harder and most importantly, enjoy what I do.”

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What sets Disney apart in your opinion?

“In my opinion, diversity and inclusion are highly recognized and respected at Disney. Also, the work environment gives me an at-home type of feel. Instead of just working alongside co-workers, the staff feels like family. My advice to someone who is considering working for Disney is: stop considering and apply. Disney takes care of their cast members. From the benefits to the perks, your mental well-being, and the support for career growth, what more can you ask for!”

How does it feel to work for a company with a legacy like Disney’s?

“In my childhood years, my mom couldn't afford to take me on Disney trips, however, the closest experience I had with Disney, was when we took trips to the video club, to rent VHS movies, such as Snow White, Cinderella, and The Fox and the Hound. Fast forward three decades later, I am so proud to be a Disney cast member and I have only one word to describe my feeling: MAGICAL.”


Meet Shawn, an executive assistant supporting the Global Creative Strategy Studio within Walt Disney Imagineering! This year marks 25 years since beginning his Disney career as an attractions host at The Great Movie Ride. Since then, he’s held roles spanning both coasts and many teams from opening Mission: Space at EPCOT to supporting Disney Consumer Products and working closely with Disney Animation and Pixar Animation Studios.

Tell us a little about your role! 

“No two days are the same, and I am frequently pulled in a few directions throughout the day which I welcome. What makes the work interesting is everything else that pops up along the way. I get a lot of questions and ‘no’ isn’t really a good answer, so I spend a lot of time figuring out how to make it a ‘yes’ or something really close. And that involves working with partners and colleagues old and new. Relationships are everything in this role! I have a network of assistants around the globe that help make everything happen.”

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What sets Disney apart in your opinion?

“Our relentless drive for excellence. When we were finishing up Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, I worked with the media production team, and we arranged for our entire team to walk through the attractions to see some media installed to show off best practices and talk through obstacles that were overcome. So, we all made the drive to Disneyland Resort and got dressed in our hard hats and safety vests! It’s a memory I won’t soon forget, walking through an attraction that was incomplete and seeing beautifully finished media, and the time we got together as a team.”

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Do you have a favorite Disney memory?

“As a child, my mom would convince my dad to let her bring me to Disney World about once a year. We lived about 90 minutes away by car, so we’d get up really early and make the drive, spend the day out there and then make the drive home later that night. I remember how much fun we’d have – and how tired we would be! Working at Disney allows us extra benefits like park admission and hotel discounts, so now as an adult, I return the favor to my mom year after year and take her to a hotel and spend a couple of days in the parks. We are still kids at heart all these years later!”

Ever since relocating to Florida from New York in 1996, working at Disney was a dream job for Cynthia and in October of 2022 that dream was finally realized as she put years of administrative experience to work joining the team supporting Disney Experiences as an administrative assistant.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

“The most rewarding part of my role are the relationships I am able to form with my colleagues.  This fosters an environment of trust, respect and admiration. I love being able to help my team and their executives. Whether it is covering for another admin while they are on vacation, being a listening ear, helping someone smile through a difficult day or simply helping someone solve an issue, brings me true joy and satisfaction. Being viewed as a partner and as a leader is very fulfilling.”

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What’s a day in the life in your role like?

“There is never a dull moment in my role. The fact that we wear many different hats allows us to become excellent at what we do. Every day brings its own challenges and demands. It’s like orchestrating a symphony of tasks. We have to harmonize schedules, projects, and priorities which requires strong organizational skills. Managing our executive calendars is like the game of Tetris, you have to be strategic and use good judgement.”

What’s it like being a part of the magic of Disney?

“I feel privileged and honored to work for a company whose mission is to inspire people from all over the world.  We live in a world where there are many struggles, whether it is economic, political, mental health, etc.  For someone to be able to visit one of our parks and forget about the outside world and feel the magic, has no price.  Being able to be part of a team of the most brilliant and creative people in the business is pretty impressive.”

Dreaming of joining Anisha, Shawn and Cynthia as an administrative professional with The Walt Disney Company? Visit to view available opportunities and apply today!