Disney Cruise Line cast delivers magic in The Bahamas

We are just a few months away from opening Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point in Eleuthera, and we’re thrilled to share that our island destinations cast is quickly growing. Whether snorkeling in the blue lagoon or relaxing in a cabana, guests will receive world-class service from our cast who bring the magic of Disney to life in The Bahamas.

With roles available at both Disney Castaway Cay and Disney Lookout Cay, there are many opportunities for cast members to develop their skills and build a career with Disney Cruise Line!

We recently chatted with some of our current island destinations cast to ask them about their experience creating magic on the island. They shared with us reasons they love working for Disney and why others should join this talented team!


Elysia, beach lifeguard

Sometimes a new career opportunity can become a personal growth experience. For Elysia, joining the cast allowed her to excel in unexpected ways! She shared, “I found myself becoming more confident in my speaking and communicating with other people. I felt like I have really blossomed as a person.”

After just one year working at Disney Castaway Cay, Elysia is excited about the career possibilities available with Disney. We asked her what advice she has for people considering joining the island destinations cast. “You want to be a hard worker, have that determination and that ambition to go forward because Disney can take you far. There are many different departments and different levels that you can strive for and achieve.”

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Sam, aquarist

At Disney Castaway Cay, guests will experience seeing marine life, and with the help of aquarists like Sam, they will learn all about the animals too. As an animal care specialist, Sam helps maintain the health and nutrition of the sea animals. Her favorite part about her role is educating guests. “We expose them to more than just a friendly pet [to the animal] and goodbye, we teach guests about the manta rays and their purpose inside the ocean.”

After two years with the company, Sam has been impressed to see Disney’s animal conservation initiatives in The Bahamas. She mentioned, ”I have been inside this field for 11 years now, and Disney has been the first company that I’ve seen that pushes so much towards animal conservation, and it’s actually outstanding.”

Sam continues to grow as a marine biologist due to her role. When we asked her what’s special about being part of the island destinations cast, she said, “I would say that Disney Cruise Line has given me a lot of experience especially in my field of work.”

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Sean, custodial

In his day-to-day, Sean ensures the guest spaces are show-ready at all times and the crew environment is safe to operate in. To maintain this level of cleanliness, it requires practice, training and a whole lot of pixie dust spread by the island service hosts. “Once we came to the island, we got all the necessary training and certifications we needed for the role. Whether it’s heavy machinery protection and anything else we needed to do for Disney safety,” Sean said.

Sean enjoys the unique living experience at Disney Castaway Cay. He shares, “Coming to the Cay was a new thing for me, and I was excited to take that new journey!”

Another journey we’re about to begin is opening the doors of Disney Lookout Cay, and Sean tells us what he’s looking forward to: “What’s exciting about the new island destination at Lighthouse Point is the opportunities to move throughout the company. It will be a new and exciting experience for all.”

He also shares words of wisdom for people interested in joining the team in The Bahamas. “The advice that I give to somebody who is considering working for Disney Cruise Line in The Bahamas is to be inspired to try something new, and put your best foot forward once you come here."

Ready to join our talented crew in The Bahamas? Explore available roles and apply online now!