Spotlight on Disney administrative professionals

What would we do without them? Our administrative professionals are the glue that keep everything together, and we recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to create magic behind the scenes. We’re shining a light on three special individuals and the important role they play within The Walt Disney Company.


Caleb, executive assistant at FX Networks, believes no two days are the same as an administrative professional!

Walk us through a day in your life as an administrative professional!

Each day I come in and start prepping any materials needed for the day whether it be scripts, reports, background info, etc. as well as prepping the office. I then start going through my email, checking for anything timely that I may have received overnight, and get started on that day’s action items. From that point on, it’s anybody’s guess! I think any admin professional would agree no two days are the same, and most importantly, nothing on the calendar is confirmed until it actually happens. On most days though, there’s a lot of phone work, setting meetings, notes on meetings, write ups and coverage mixed in with the unforeseen task or two.

What is your favorite part about working as an administrative professional?

My favorite part about being an administrative professional is getting to see how all the pieces come together to make the machine work. You’re exposed to so much information and so many people, allowing you to pick up little bits and pieces of insight along the way. I love doing script coverage on incoming submissions. I find the process really enjoyable and love knowing with each project you read that there’s a chance of discovering something or someone new or groundbreaking.

What makes the work you do at The Walt Disney Company unique?

I think it comes down to the culture. People want to be here, and you can tell by the care they take in regard to their work, as well as how they treat the people around them. It makes the process incredibly enjoyable.

Jose, a secretary with Disney’s legal team, has been with Disney for almost two years and was drawn to the company’s commitment to innovation and its reputation for being a leader in the industry!

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

The most rewarding part about my role is the importance of having varied and engaging day-to-day responsibilities that are satisfying to complete. Also, finding a balance between working effectively and having enough time and energy to enjoy life outside of work. Lastly, having positive work relations with my coworkers and managers.

What makes the work you do at The Walt Disney Company unique?

Aside from storytelling, a trait that makes Disney unique is their commitment to developing and retaining a diverse workforce. Disney is able to celebrate different employee’s and their unique perspectives in life.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to work within your department?

The advice I would give to someone aspiring to work within my department would be to always be curious and ask questions so that they can learn. Meet people and build relationships with them so you understand what they do!

Adriana, executive secretary for Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, has been a cast member for 15 years!

Walk us through a day in your life as an administrative professional!

As an administrative professional, each day brings a new set of tasks and challenges. My routine typically starts by reviewing the day's schedule, making necessary adjustments, and preparing for any upcoming meetings or events. Following this, I carefully go through my emails, responding to urgent matters immediately and prioritizing tasks that require attention. Above all, my primary responsibility is to ensure that my manager is set up for success. This involves a range of duties such as managing invoices, taking notes during steering meetings, and handling many other tasks as required.

What makes Disney different as an employer?

Wearing our nametags changes something within us regardless of our location in the company. When we see someone else wearing the same nametag, we recognize each other even if we haven't met before. As a team, we work together as a unified force, providing mutual encouragement and support on a daily basis. The best way to describe this feeling is "ohana" which means family.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to work within your department?

To excel in this role, it's crucial to remain receptive to change and embrace networking opportunities as they arise. As the go-to person for many, it's essential to have a broad knowledge base and be aware of where to turn if an answer is unclear. While this position can be challenging, the rewards are significant.

Dreaming of joining Caleb, Jose and Adriana as an administrative professional with The Walt Disney Company? Visit to apply for available opportunities!

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