Meet Joni Ferguson, Senior Manager of Consumer Insights & Analytics

Joni Ferguson has worked at Disney for 18 years. She is a senior manager of Consumer Insights and Analytics. In this role, she is responsible for the administration and performance reporting for Sales Incentives for Disney client-driven sales channels.


What makes Disney an exceptional place for storytelling? Can you share an example of how that shows up in your work?
Storytelling is in our DNA across all of our disciplines and it’s based on years of trial and error. A successful business begins with addressing a need that the consumer doesn’t even know that they have…Disney addresses that gap beginning in the early years and continues to create aspirational experiences through adulthood. The job of CIMA is to create the business story behind the storytelling. My team is responsible for reporting and evaluating how our sales organization performs by taking incredibly mundane data and giving it a voice so that it can be consumed and action can be taken on “what’s next”.


Why is innovation so important when it comes to Disney’s stories?
Innovation keeps the company fresh and ahead of other companies. The world is changing quickly as we experienced during the pandemic. During that time, we also discovered how many different ways people were willing to engage with the things that they love.


What does a reimagined tomorrow look like for you?
A reimagined tomorrow is one that not only recognizes individual differences but embraces those differences as factors for success. We are out of room for performative actions that set the bar differently to achieve equality and instead simply set the bar while updating (or eradicating) the thinking that supported the inequality. In its place, we achieve true equity and inclusion.


You could work for any company in the world… so why Disney?
Disney was my dream job in college. It represented a large brand with layers of opportunity to create products and experiences that can’t be found in many other places. Once I joined the Disney Co. I quickly realized that it’s also a place where you can have multiple experiences as a professional that challenge your thinking and your skillset while delivering high-quality work and setting the stage for more Disney Magic.


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