Disney Programs hosts first-ever Crafting Culinary Connections

Last month, the Disney Programs team hosted the first Crafting Culinary Connections, an expo-style event designed for participants in the program to meet and network with chefs from across Walt Disney World as they shared a taste of Disney's best food offerings.

From savory delights to sweet indulgences, attendees embarked on a culinary journey that delighted their taste buds. The success of the first Crafting Culinary Connections event demonstrated the power of food to forge connections and create lasting memories. The passion of Disney's chefs was evident in every bite, and their interactions with attendees made the experience truly magical.


One of the event's highlights was the unique character meet-and-greet, which added a touch of Disney magic to the occasion. Meeting Chef Mickey while enjoying exceptional food made the event even more memorable.

As the event came to a close, participants were already looking forward to the next edition. Whether you're an aspiring chef or want to explore the culinary wonders of Disney, this event provided a delectable journey into the heart of Disney's culinary magic. Disney dreams, after all, are best served on a plate!


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