When guests visit a Disney park, they expect to spend their days delighting in the immersive storytelling of the lands, attractions, and environments that Walt Disney Imagineers have designed. And often, they will choose to spend their nights continuing their Disney experiences with a stay at one of our dozens of extraordinary resort and hotel properties around the world.

Imagineers know that when a family gives us the opportunity to welcome them home for an evening’s rest, it is a special privilege and an important responsibility. When we approach the design of a resort, we do so with knowledge that what we are creating is more than just a collection of enjoyable rooms — a Disney resort is a vibrant and vital extension of the theme park experience, as well as a platform for a unique style of narrative engagement. These spaces both foster and harbor our guests’ enthusiasm. They keep guests comfortable, offer them peaceful rest, and afford opportunities to temper the pace of a day. They house celebrations, provide places to gather and play, and engender a sense of community. Most importantly, Disney resorts do each of these while engaging guests at all times of day in the same depth of story and thoughtful placemaking that have become the telltale touches of Walt Disney Imagineering for decades.

Transportive Environments

When a family enters a Disney resort, Imagineers want them to feel immediately transported to another time, place or story. We build immersive environments to inspire a departure from the commonplace in a number of different ways. Sometimes, Imagineers choose to invite guests to inhabit a particular narrative and to get to know characters’ worlds in an intimate and encompassing way, as in Toy Story Hotel at Shanghai Disney Resort. Other times, we focus on developing a feeling or celebrating an idea, as we do when we highlight the majesty of nature at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort. And sometimes, the goal is to create a very particular sense of place and to elevate an era, as does Disney’s Riviera Resort, when it transports families in Florida to the sophistication of Europe that captivated Walt and Lillian Disney on their own world travels.

This diversity of experience and tone is important to keep each visit delightful, fresh and entertaining for the families we welcome home. What unifies these different experiences is the thought and care that Imagineers dedicate in making each stay an opportunity for joy and a chance for wonder.

Thoughtful Design

Walt Disney Imagineering approaches details of function with as much thoughtfulness and intention as we do details of form. A Disney resort is designed to anticipate a family’s needs, beyond the obvious and without disruption, so that space planning and décor contribute purposefully to ensuring a positive guest experience. Custom furniture offers guests the flexibility to use spaces in different ways at different times, as best suits their family. New technologies are integrated into properties with conscientious attention to ensuring a seamless and comfortable stay. Imagineers carefully consider and craft all details of a Disney resort to deliver memorable stays and to provide meaningful quality across all aspects of the guest experience.