At Imagineering, we celebrate thinking and doing. And we prize the fact that the collection of innovators and creators all over the world think and do things differently. Imagineers work really, really hard. But we like to temper that work by taking time to learn about and enjoy each other, and to give back to our community. We are enriched by diversity and united by shared passion, and we apply that passion to all of our thinking and to everything that we do.

Imagineers ready for their VoluntEARS event gather on the greenspace at the Walt Disney Imagineering offices.
Imagineers discuss the construction behind an attraction.
Imagineers working on a 3D model for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
Imagineers serving food at the cafeteria.
Imagineers working at volunteer event
Imagineers dressed up for Halloween.
An imagineer on a construction site, taking in the landscape.
Imagineers stretching on site.
Imagineers having an informal meeting on bean bag chairs.
Imagineers looking at digital concepts.
Imagineers taking photos with Disney characters.
Imagineers testing projection media.
Imagineer sculpting a character for an attraction.
Imagineer painting props.
Imagineer fixing hair on Belle audio-animatronic.
Imagineers riding a mock up of an attraction vehicle.
Imagineer finishing concrete onsite.
Imagineers looking at a prop.
imagineers inspecting a sculpture
Imagineers and family interacting with the WALL-E animatronic figure.
Imagineer painting a mural.
Imagineers looking at legacy artwork in a gallery.
Imagineers looking at the Millennium Falcon at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
Imagineers looking at a FIRST robotics creation.
Imagineers on site.
Imagineers have a meeting in the field.
Imagineers listening in on a Studio Update presentation.
Imagineers in a meeting at the WDI campus.
Imagineers working onsite.
Imagineers planting new plants.
Imagineers using Virtual Reality to visualize concepts in the DISH.
Imagineers looking at model of Pixar Pier.
Imagineers at a VoluntEARS food drive.
Imagineers painting a wall during a VoluntEARS event.
Imagineers at a volunteering event
Imagineers on greenspace.
Imagineers at VoluntEARS event.
Exterior shot of Grand Central Creative Campus.
Imagineer working on Frozen animatronic figure.
Imagineers in a meeting.
Imagineers smiling on a construction onsite.
Imagineer adjusting an animatronic head.
Imagineers working on site
Riviera opening day
Imagineer explaining the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout.
An Imagineer painting a sculpture model.
Imagineer working on the A1000 Figure of Hondo Ohnaka
Imagineer working on murals for Children's Hospital.
Imagineers showcasing the character they made from food.
Imagineer giving a presentation to a group.
Imagineers enjoying a party on the WDI greenspace.
Imagineers observing models and concept art for Shanghai Disney Resort.
Imagineers exploring different classic cars at WDI's Car Show.
Imagineers at VoluntEARS event.
Imagineers using the force with their lightsabers.
Imagineers editing video and audio in the visual effects studio.
Imagineer working on a mechanical piece.
Imagineers playing as a band on the WDI campus.
Imagineers serving and receiving pie at the Thanksgiving event on the WDI campus.
Imagineers working on a construction site.
Imagineers dressed up for Halloween.
Imagineers playing ping-pong during the annual Walt Disney Imagineering ping pong tournament.
Imagineer working on rock work