How this Veteran and Safety Professional Found a Long-Lasting Career at Disney


In Disney’s standards for theme park excellence, safety is ranked as the first of Five Keys. In fact, it’s so important that we have entire teams dedicated to safety at our parks and resorts.

Lee is a senior safety professional supporting Reedy Creek Energy Services, Transportation Engineering Services and the Alarms & Key Control Group at Walt Disney World Resort. In this role, he assists these teams in achieving their operational goals by improving their safety processes.

Lee is no stranger to the culture of safety. He started his safety career at a young age when he volunteered to be a crossing guard through his elementary school’s safety squad. In high school, his first jobs were as a lifeguard and a water safety instructor.

“The culture I grew up in was of service to your family, friends and community,” he says, “I have gravitated towards teaching and safety throughout my life.”

Lee went on to spend 16 years in the United States Air Force before diving into various safety roles across the transportation industry. This experience led him to his first safety role at Disney, where he supported transportation operations. Thanks to the considerable breadth of safety work at Walt Disney World Resort, Lee has been with the company for over 11 years and has had the opportunity to explore safety roles in areas beyond transportation. His work has led to stronger operational efficiencies and improved safety records, keeping hundreds of cast members safe on the job.

Lee knows that his work impacts the company every day, and he traces this impact back to Walt Disney himself.

“Walt paved the way on this road for me,” he claims, “The safer our cast members are, the safer the work environment is, the happier our cast members are, and the better they take care of our guests.  It is that simple!”

His favorite part about supporting safety at Disney? The people.

“The relationships that are created here at Disney are the forever kind!  I have never experienced this type of camaraderie in any other organization.”

This camaraderie comes from the relationships he’s formed with other teams and partners on the job and his involvement in SALUTE, a Business Employee Resource Group (BERG). SALUTE emphasizes social and peer support for those coming to Disney from the military community, providing a sense of belonging for veterans working at the company.

After over a decade, Lee has found his home at the Walt Disney Company.

“Serving with Disney gives me the feeling of being part of a culture and family unlike anything I’ve felt, outside my family. I do not see working with Disney as a job; I serve Disney in the larger vision of bringing happiness to children of all ages. Every day is inspiring and magical!”


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