The magical intern experience at The Walt Disney Company (Disney Star) India

At Disney Star India, interns are given the opportunity to learn and flourish in various roles to jump start their careers. From creative communications to human resources, there are opportunities around every corner for growth and professional development.

Six interns from India wanted to share their experiences and stories with the Life at Disney blog!


Aayushi, Creative Communications Intern, Hindi Movies & English Cluster

“I discovered my interest in the field of media and entertainment during my first year of my MBA. Growing up, I was always a Disney child, and with my newfound love for media, it ended up being the best of both worlds (pardon the Hannah Montana reference). Hence, getting an internship with Disney Star was literally a dream come true. Through my experience, Disney Star has been supportive of its employees and interns. I am consistently encouraged to think outside the box and dream big. Disney Star fosters a culture that inspires curiosity, with people who are always happy to answer any questions you have.”

Arvind, PRS Team Intern (Hindi General Entertainment Channel and Kids Network)

“During college, I undertook a research project focused on Disney+ Hotstar. As part of this project, I extensively explored Disney's websites and delved into a wide range of their content. This exploration gave me a comprehensive understanding of Disney's culture, values, and the diversity of its productions. My journey in this role has been incredibly engaging, as I've delved into various industries, analyzing trends, major players, and identifying opportunities for our team. One standout memory for me was the realization of how diverse consumer preferences are, varying from person to person and region to region. It was fascinating to see how everyday items we use can have such a profound impact, and how advertising plays a pivotal role in shaping these preferences. This realization not only enriched my understanding of consumer behavior but also underscored the significance of our work. Throughout this experience, I've been fortunate to have unwavering support from my team, making it even more rewarding.”


Harsh, Management Intern, Research, Hindi Movies & English Cluster

“There is only one Disney. I love the people, and the discussions we have. There is no other place that would be discussing everything from movies to characters to Disneyland at work. No place will have so many action figures of Disney and Marvel characters flooding people’s desks. No place will have famous actors and athletes coming in every other day. It’s a lively and fun place to work at. To any future intern, a tip for building your career here would be to reach out to people working here. Talking to people working here will help you better understand if this is the place for you.”

Julian, Human Resources Intern

“As a human resources intern, my day-to-day activities include research, interaction, analysis, and documentation of learnings. My internship project focused on cultivating high-potential talent for organizational excellence. This project provided a wonderful opportunity to interact with employees across regional markets, departments, and job levels, from fresh talent to experienced veterans. I cherish each and every conversation that I have had with employees so far. There are a variety of learnings for an intern. From diverse interactions, I have learned that everyone has a very different career trajectory and a treasure trove of experiences and insights.”


Nandini, Human Resources Intern, People’s Program Team

“My favorite experience from my role so far has been the opportunity to interact with our leaders. In one such instance, I've been incredibly fortunate to be able to gain firsthand insights from my interactions with the Business Head of Star Plus. Being the biggest Hindi General Entertainment Channel in India today, the innovative content and the portrayal of inspirational women characters always made me curious to know more about what goes on behind the success of such a big channel. My interaction with him helped me gain a holistic view of how the content world works. It’s motivating and inspiring, a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Yash, Ad Sales Intern

“Disney is a place where everyone is valued and if you really want to create an impact, then be yourself. It is one of the rarest places where learning is just so much fun. There are two things that set Disney Star apart from other employers. First, the overall care for employees, Disney Star fosters an environment where diverse viewpoints are valued and thrive. The second thing would be the core values. Optimism and innovation drive revolutionary changes, while decency and community create space for diverse perspectives and storytelling, enabling meaningful connections among employees.”


Thank you to this season’s interns! We are wishing all of our interns the best of luck on their next chapter.

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