Celebrate Black History Month: Making Magic Moments Beyond the Screen

Join us in celebrating Black heritage throughout the month of February and beyond by shining a light on Black stories and voices across the company.

The magic of Disney may start with extraordinary stories, but it lives on through those magical moments with family and friends. This Black History Month, learn about how Dominique, Annette, and Tim are making sure everyone experiences the magic beyond the screen, from creating your favorite toy to providing a fun-filled experience at our Disney Parks.

Dominique, Manager – Inclusive Strategies Consumer Products Games & Publishing
Dominique, Manager – Inclusive Strategies Consumer Products Games & Publishing
Annette, Senior Manager, Global Public Relations, Disney Experiences
Annette, Senior Manager, Global Public Relations, Disney Experiences
Tim, SVP – Creative Talent Development & Inclusion, ABC
Tim, SVP – Creative Talent Development & Inclusion, ABC

Why is Black History Month important?

Dominique: Black History Month serves as a reminder that Black history truly is American history. Each year, I look forward to celebrating the achievements, contributions, and resilience of the African American community.

Annette: I enjoy seeing all the rich stories and content being shared during Black History Month like Ava DuVernay's “Origin” and National Geographic’s series "Genius: MLK/X.” I got my start at The Walt Disney Company within Disney Experiences, so it all has been very inspiring to see the tremendous amount of Black History Month programming that Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and the Business Employee Resource Groups have created this year.

Tim: Black History Month feels like a renaissance as the world is getting the opportunity to see so much amazing talent coming from our community. I'm most excited about the Black excellence being showcased, both at Disney as well as in the community.

Why does the work you do matter?

Dominique: The work that I do matters because it's essential that our products and experiences reflect all of our guests and fans throughout the world.

Annette: It is my duty and responsibility to break down barriers and help provide opportunities and experiences for those who are overlooked. It's important that Black Americans and all underrepresented people see themselves when they experience Disney offerings and purchase Disney products. As a Black American who knows and understands history, it gives me great pride and joy to know that I have assisted in the evolution of Disney's diversity landscape for the Black community along with others. It's been and continues to be, a passion and an honor to help make a difference at Disney in my own way.

Tim: My work matters because we as Americans and citizens of the world deserve to be seen for all the beauty and complexity that exists in our community. Centuries of setbacks have not deterred but instead sharpened our determination and commitment to express ourselves.

What advice would you share with the next generation of storytellers and innovators?

Dominique: To the next generation, my advice would be to dream big, be authentically you and find good mentors throughout your journey.

Annette: Don't ever give up on your dreams! Believe in yourself and your capabilities and surround yourself with others who also believe in you and who you trust, they will give you honest feedback. My mentors described it as having your own advisory board. Be bold, stay positive, and learn, learn, learn, always! Knowledge is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life. While you're on your journey to excellence remember to mentor and inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Tim: Do not be deterred. Believe in yourselves. Support those around you! There's room for us all!


Join Disney in celebrating Black History Month in a variety of ways.