Celebrating Ramadan at Disney

Ramadan, celebrated March 22 – April 21, is a special time of the year for Muslims around the world. It’s a time for reflection, community, service, charity, and celebration. During Ramadan Celebration Month at Disney, we’re shining a light on Muslim employees, consumers, and fans around the world.

“Seeing the company-wide activations Disney has deployed to celebrate Ramadan brings tears to my eyes,” shared Mahin Ibrahim, director of RISE Creative Talent Pathways at The Walt Disney Studios and co-founder of Disney’s Muslim BERG. “This is the first time Disney has celebrated Ramadan in its 100-year history and it makes me proud to work here and be a part of this company.”

The Walt Disney Company is committed to celebrating and inspiring a more inclusive world through the creation of authentic, unforgettable stories, experiences, and products that capture the imagination of people from all walks of life and cultures.

“It truly is a beautiful thing when kids see something familiar on their favorite TV show or movie. ’The Eid Mystery’ episode of Mira, Royal Detective continues to be a family favorite among all my nieces,” added Saima Faheem, manager of media strategy at Disney Entertainment and another co-founder of Disney’s Muslim BERG. “The outfits, songs, food, and the small yet significant details to showcase Eid in India are a few examples of how impactful relatable content is for people of all backgrounds.”

There are numerous ways to celebrate Ramadan Celebration Month and beyond, including the following:

  • Watch some of your favorite stories with Muslim characters on Disney+, including Marvel and American Eid. Plus, visit the Disney+ YouTube channel to watch American Eid with an introduction by writer and director, Aqsa Alta.
  • Listen to a new episode of the “Overheard at National Geographic” podcast on April 4, featuring National Geographic Young Explorer Munazza Alam.
  • Check out the Disney Junior YouTube channel to watch “The Eid Mystery” episode of Mira, Royal Detective.
  • Visit Disney Movie Insiders for Insider-exclusive activations such as special rewards, content, and bonus codes for points.
  • Learn more about the stories of talented employees across Disney and our iconic brands via your favorite branded social media channels.

We are all greater than a single story and we all deserve to feel seen, heard and understood, not only during heritage months, but year-round.

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