ShellieMay is a teddy bear Minnie Mouse made for Duffy. More adventurous than he, ShellieMay encourages Duffy to take one step further than he normally would. In that sense, ShellieMay plays an important role in expanding Duffy’s horizons. Being crafty and ingenious, she enjoys creating charming gifts for her friends—whether it’s making a scrunchy for StellaLou’s new dance routine or improvising musical instruments for 'Olu Mel. ShellieMay hopes that her small gestures will brighten their day, especially when they are in need of support and friendship.


Gelatoni is an artistic cat with a sunny personality. Being resourceful, he can use his tail as a paint brush or create a piece of art with whatever is available (even gelato Duffy accidentally dropped on the ground!). Besides being passionate about art, Gelatoni is able to see beauty in everything. He finds inspiration everywhere, from flowers smiling at the sun to park benches saving a space for someone special to sit. Being an artist, he is a bit unpredictable at times, but his friends find that part of him amusing.


StellaLou is a lavender rabbit whose dream is to become a Broadway dancer. She loves dancing more than anything. Whenever she hears music playing or birds singing, she feels like dancing to the sound. The path to performing on the Broadway stage is not an easy one, but she is determined and dedicated. If she makes a mistake, she keeps trying until she gets it right—she does not give up easily. All her friends cheer her on, and they are inspired and encouraged by the hard work she puts in to reach her goal.


CookieAnn, a yellow dog with a sensitive nose and long floppy ears, is a passionate and optimistic friend who loves to invent something novel by combining things. With a chef’s hat on her head, she is an “expert” in inventing unique recipes, bringing surprise and joy to her friends in unexpectedly delicious ways. Curious about everything, CookieAnn’s inventions go beyond culinary creations. She has fun conjuring up out-of-the-box solutions to problems by combining different ideas. Additionally, with her acute olfactory ability, she is able to smell “unsavory” happenings!

'Olu Mel

'Olu Mel is a turtle slightly shy and reserved but is truly passionate about and talented in music. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Hawai'i, he learned how to hear and appreciate the music played by nature—birds, trees, winds and ocean waves. He also uses his ukulele to write songs about nature, adventure, and friendship, which have the power to bring courage and smiles to his friends, and to himself! Whenever 'Olu Mel plays music, Duffy and his friends feel happy and closer to each other.