Who’s your Disney mentor? Flamingo Crossings Village neighborhoods named after wise, classic characters

While Jiminy Cricket may advise letting your conscience be your guide, one of the wise Disney mentors found in our classic films wouldn’t be bad to have around for help, either.

And that’s why, while imagining and designing elements of our new housing community Flamingo Crossings Village, Disney Imagineers thought to name our different neighborhoods after these Disney characters. The hope is that as you navigate all the new and exciting things your program will bring your way, you’ll be inspired and encouraged by your Disney mentor particular to your building and those of your neighbors.

So, who did the Imagineers choose to guide you, our newest Disney Program participants? Let’s find out!


If you live in the Archimedes neighborhood, you might want to live by this owl’s wise words: “The best way to learn it is to do it.”

As the sign hanging on the building says, Bagheera is known for being brave and honest. He faces things head on and knows that everything will work out in the end.

Cheshire Cat
Your next step is often unknown – and intimidating. What Cheshire reminds us is that no matter which way you decide to go next, you’ll find your way and end up at your destination.

No stranger to hard work, Doc knows that putting in the time and effort will get your far. Let his leadership guide your approach to work and life from your College Program and beyond!

Edna Mode
When Edna Mode declares, “I never look back, darling; it distracts from the now!”, she could very well be reminding you of something to remember during your program. You are taking part in a learning experience, doing new things every day – and that may mean you make mistakes. But we all do, and the only way to keep moving forward is not look back.

With your Flamingo Crossings Village buildings named after these amazing Disney mentors, how can you not feel inspired every day when you leave your apartment and head to work? Just remember all these things, and as Edna Mode said, your program will be “bold, dramatic, heroic!”