Advice from current participants for an extra magical program

For many of you, this is your first time on the program. After being accepted you’re bound to have some questions! We spoke to some current participants for some tips and advice. What better way to prepare than to hear it from those who are currently experiencing it? Whether you’re wondering about what to do on your program, or things to keep in mind when starting, we’ve got you covered! 

  • “Take advantage of all of the discounts and opportunities! Go to the housing events and try new things and experiences.” – Ashley, OSFB at Harambe Market (Summer Alumni Program 2018) 
  • “When starting your program, get a good idea of how the bus system works from the beginning. It’s helpful to know what the best routes are for where you’re trying to go!” – Maxim, Merchandise at Main Street West (Spring Advantage 2018) 
  • “Definitely be friendly with everyone and take a genuine interest in the lives around you. It is an amazing opportunity to get to know people from all over the world and networking can be helpful in figuring out what you are passionate about!” – Kate, QSFB at Cosmic Ray’s (Spring 2018) 
  •  “Make the most of housing events. I have had an awesome time at each one I went to, so make sure you take time to go!” – Jillian, Merchandise in Adventureland (Spring Advantage 2018) 
  • “Take time for yourself and rest! You’re here for a long time and will have plenty of time to do everything!” – Taylor, QSFB at Pecos Bill (Fall Advantage 2018) 
  • “Plan your time wisely. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get where you’re going if you’re taking the bus. Also give yourself downtime to refresh yourself!” – Diamond, Front Desk at All Star Movies Resort (Fall Advantage 2018)  
  • “Really get to know your leaders. Going out of your way to introduce yourself or seeking them out is definitely worth the effort!” – Taryn, Bell Services Dispatch at Caribbean Beach Resort (Spring Advantage 2018) 
  • “Definitely don’t over pack! If you don’t think you will wear the clothes and are bringing them “just in case”, don’t!” – Caroline, Attractions at Spaceship Earth (Summer Alumni Program 2018)  
  • “Always be on the lookout for housing events, and keep an eye on any Disney Backstage Magic opportunities as well. There is always a lot of fun stuff to do.” Lerato, Savanna Guide at Animal Kingdom Lodge (DAK Lodge Guest Education Program 2017/2018) 
  • “No matter what role you get, make the best of it. Go into it with an open mind to new experiences and it will be perfect!” – Nikki, Merchandise at Hollywood Studios (Summer Alumni Program 2018) 

Though our current participants have provided some great advice, remember that every program is different! We encourage you to take advantage of everything that you can while you’re here. This is the start of your Disney journey, and you will be making your own mark on The Walt Disney Company very soon!