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Our 2025 DET Writing Program Applications have closed! Thank you to all who applied!


The primary goal of the Disney Entertainment Television (“DET”) Writing Program (the “Program”) is to staff Program Writers on DET series as staff writers during the Program year. Staffing is not guaranteed.  The twelve-month Program is tentatively set to begin January 2025 and end in January of the following year.  Please note, time frames are subject to change. For the first few months of the Program, writers participate in a professional development curriculum designed to better prepare them for staffing consideration, including developing, writing, and polishing at least one (1) original pilot script to be used as a staffing sample. The Program also provides engagement with executives, producers and credentialed writers, designed to facilitate relationships that can prove invaluable in developing a television writing career. Additional past activities have included: workshops led by veteran television writers, producers and Program alumni, and networking mixers with executives, producers, and showrunners.

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FAQs - 2025 Disney Entertainment Television Writing Program

The following FAQs should comprehensively answer any questions regarding the application process for the 2025 Disney Entertainment Television (“DET”) Writing Program (the “Program”). Please read these and the rest of our application materials carefully before beginning the application or posting questions. If you have applied in a previous year, be sure to read these new FAQs, as this year’s application process has changed. Thank you.

General F.A.Q.s

Writing Partner F.A.Q.

Scholarship F.A.Q.

Application F.A.Q.s

Please use the form to submit any questions regarding the application or technical issues with the application. Due to the high volume of application submissions, we cannot guarantee a response to your question. Please refer to the Application Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for more information.