Disney Programs resource spotlight: Program advisors

Wondering who to go to with questions while on your program? Your program advisors are here to help and will be on the biggest resources during your Disney Program!

The program advisors are members of the program experience team which is made up of both experienced, full-time cast members and interns who recently did a Disney College Program. Flamingo Crossings Village, where all our participants reside during their programs, is split into different neighborhoods, and each neighborhood is assigned a program advisor to help with their program needs.

Here are some questions often asked of a program advisor:

  • How can I apply for an extension?
  • How do I link tickets or my cast member complimentary self-admission to my Disney Experience App?
  • How do I get to my costuming location for my work area?
  • How can I earn a Mouseters or a Ducktorate through the Disney Programs learning offerings?
  • Where do I sign up for Disney Programs events?
  • What tips do you have to help me make the most of my program?

Whether you have a question about work or complimentary admission, your program advisors will guide you in the right direction.

Jacqui, a program experience intern recently spoke with us about her role as a program advisor. “The program advisors are a huge resource to all the participants because we are able to answer any and all questions that they might have,” she said.

Jacqui explained that program advisors are happy to help with any question even if it’s not specifically programs related. “Even if we aren’t able to be a direct source for them to solve any issues they have, we can point them in the right direction.”

“I want to be able to think that I made a difference in someone’s life while they were on this program,” Connie, a Program Experience Associate shared.

Connie’s goal as a program advisor is to create special relationships with participants to help them succeed while on the program. “Whether it be on the personal side, encouraging them to move forward, [or] persevere in obtaining their goals,” she said, Connie is here to support participants not only as a resource but also as a leader.

Before you start your program, you’ll receive an email from your program advisor so you’ll know exactly who they are. After you arrive, you can connect with your program advisor by reaching out via a special message link through the support site that can be found in any email you receive from your advisor. You can also visit them at the Disney Programs office; Your advisor – and any of our other Program Experience Associates – are here to help you!

Egypt, a program experience intern, shared her favorite parts of working at the Disney Programs office desk as a program advisor. “Being able to provide participants with information that will truly help them to succeed – to give them some hope and guidance – is just really fulfilling.”