What to Expect Your First Week on a Disney Program

You’ve accepted an offer for your Disney Program and are ready to head down to sunny Florida! You may be wondering, “What happens when I arrive?” That’s a great question! We’re here to help set you up for success on the first week of your Disney Program. Here’s a little of what you can expect.

Arrival day!
Hooray – your arrival day has come! This day will involve checking in to Flamingo Crossings Village, completing your onboarding, and moving into your apartment!

Prior to your arrival day, you will receive an arrival itinerary. Your arrival itinerary will have times and appointments unique to you, so be sure to follow each step as outlined. Something to note on that itinerary is your check-in time. This time is specific to you; please note that if you arrival early, you may be asked to return closer to your stated check-in time.

The check-in process will consist of taking a photo for your company-issued ID, receiving your housing assignment, and getting the keys to your apartment – yay! Finally, you’ll be scheduled for an appointment to complete a background check or additional onboarding steps. A current government-issued ID is required to complete these steps.

Making the Most of YOUR Program course
The Making the most of YOUR Program course is all about setting you up for success as you begin your program. This course highlights the many resources available to you throughout your program such as Program Advisors, the support site, and academic resources. You will also get an overview of the three components of a Disney Program: living, learning, and earning.

Your first week will build to an exciting end at Traditions! Typically held toward the end of the week, Traditions is your official first day as a Disney cast member and Walt Disney World orientation class. You’ll want to dress in comfortable business casual attire, be ready to engage with other participants, learn new things and expect some exciting surprises.

The first week of your Disney Program holds more than just these appointments. Sometime during your first few days, be sure to visit the Disney Programs desk in Apprentice Hall and pick up a monthly calendar. This calendar will outline the weekly events and learning offerings you can begin to enjoy!

For more information on arriving or checking in for your Disney Program, visit the Disney Programs Support site.