Professional Intern Spotlight: April Breedlove, Software Engineering Professional Intern

From Disney Dreamer to Disney Professional Intern, April is living her dream come true! As a software engineering Professional Intern, April gets to join her passions for Disney and computer science to help enhance guests’ experience at Walt Disney World® Resort. April says, “It’s been really cool to see my two passions combined! I love computer science and I love Disney, but now I know that this is something I can make a career of one day!”

The seed for April’s Disney dream was planted in 2019, when she was selected to participate in the annual Disney Dreamers Academy event at Walt Disney World. During this four-day event, April was immersed in the power of harnessing and following your dreams while being supported by leaders in industries from technology to entertainment. While at the event, April participated in a technology deep dive session and met members of the team she is currently on – even her current leader!

As a software engineering intern with the Connected Products team, April supports tools for guests visiting the parks from behind the scenes. During her internship, April has primarily supported the work with photo association. You know when you’re on Space Mountain and your photo is taken? Then that photo lands in your My Disney Experience account? That is April and her team! “If I’m sitting in the first car, I want to make sure I don’t get the photo from two cars behind me. I get to work on a tool that gathers and checks the photo association data to make sure that it is accurate,” April explains.

April says that she is REALLY enjoying her internship! She enjoys her team and coworkers, and that everyone has been extremely helpful. She says that her internship has also been very hands on. One thing in particular April is enjoying is getting work on real priorities and projects with the company. April says, “It’s really cool that I get to work on actual projects that will be utilized by the company, and not just busy work while I’m with this team.”

April after receiving her name tag at Traditions

Another thing April loves about being a Disney Professional Intern is the work environment. She recalls from the start of her internship a very welcoming embrace from her team and still finds an environment where everyone is safe to learn and grow. “As an intern, you’re not going to know everything or be expected to know everything. There are a lot of new tools and processes that I have never seen before, and I’ve been able to improve my skills in a short time,” she says. The work April does and the support of her team makes her feel like more than an intern and that her contributions are meaningful.

April serving as a guest speaker of the 2022 Disney Dreamers Academy Technology Deep Dive with her current leader and team.

A lover of the parks herself, April says it’s an honor to see her work at use by guests each day. Additionally, she has a greater appreciation and understanding of how some of the technological magic comes to life. Knowing that she helps in creating the experience and memories guests look forward to when visiting Walt Disney World is rewarding to her.

Upon completion of her internship, April will return to school and graduate with her bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2023. After graduating, April hopes to return to Disney, specifically to the team she is currently interning with!

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