Sustainable living at Flamingo Crossings Village

We believe it’s important to show our Disney Programs participants ways they can take care of the environment and contribute to The Walt Disney Company’s vision to create a happier and healthier planet for us all.

This April, we held the first ever Neighborhood Recycling Challenge at Flamingo Crossings Village. Participants were invited to work with their neighbors to see which neighborhood could recycle the most! Currently, there are seven neighborhoods open at Flamingo Crossings Village, all named after famous Disney mentors. They are Archimedes, Bagheera, Cheshire Cat, Doc, Edna Mode, Jiminy Cricket and Iago.

Flamingo Crossings Village set up designated recycling bins for each neighborhood in community areas of the East and West villages. During the challenge, participants were encouraged to bring recyclable items to their neighborhood’s corresponding bin.

The challenge took place during Earth Week, April 18-22, ending on Earth Day with a special surprise for the winning group – a pizza party just for their neighborhood!

The Iago neighborhood came out on top, going above and beyond recycling so much that their recycling bin had to be emptied once before the week even ended!

Whether participants are joining a collective recycling challenge, signing up for a VoluntEARs trip, or joining a program-exclusive Discover Disney tour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, a Disney Programs experience is full of great offerings that teach and showcase the many ways we take care of our planet!

Although Earth Week has come to an end, there are always opportunities for all of us celebrate and take care of our planet. We hope that everyone will continue recycling efforts and actions to help save the Earth.