3 things to know before applying for a Professional Internship with Disney ABC Television Group

So you want to work in production?  Here are three things to know before applying for a production-related professional internship with Disney ABC Television Group!

  1. Be familiar with the different areas within production.
    There are many different areas that are involved with the production of our great shows!  These can include Preproduction/development, production, post production, and casting.  You should have an idea of the different areas through school or previous experience and know what areas you are most passionate about.  While there are some opportunities to work on set, many areas work more behind the scenes and in an office environment to work on making these shows possible.  It’s ok to have an interest and passion for more than one of these areas; however, you should be able to clearly express why you’re interested in each area and be aware of the differences.
  2. Read the job description closely
    Familiarizing yourself with the job description is very important, regardless of the position you are applying for.  Keep an eye out for responsibilities or skills that are listed multiple times and be sure that your resume reflects these things.  Also, pay close attention to the specific division. For example, if the posting is with ABC Family, be sure to do your research on the current programming and specifics related to that area.
  3. Know your strengths and what makes you stand out
    Think about your strengths and what you can bring to the internship.  Also think about what makes you stand out.  Is it your passion for the company?  Your prior experience in a similar area?  Don’t just focus on prior experience in a professional work environment but also the experiences you’ve gained in school through classes or working with your school’s television station.  All of these things make your application unique and add to your story.

Whether you are interested in scripted or unscripted, comedy or drama, children’s programing or primetime shows, there are many great opportunities available.  Be sure to check out available opportunities on www.DisneyInterns.com and apply today!