Big Reasons to Love your Disney College Program Roommates

Beginning to live with new roommates can be both an exciting and intimidating experience.  As a participant, your roommates can come from all over…from across the country or even from across the globe!
I loved the girls that I lived with during my Disney College Program experience in 2010 and I’m sure you’ll love your roommates too.
Here are a few major reasons why you should appreciate your roomies:
  • You automatically are given new friends! If you tend to be on the shy side, this is great news. From the get-go, you have new buddies to go to the parks with, hang out with at the pool or go explore the local area.Embed videos and music
  • Chances are your roommates will work in a different location than you.  That means you’ll know everything cool there is to know about all locations! When you go to the Theme Parks with your other friends, you can tell them all there is to know about the area and your friends will think you’re so smart.
  • Your wardrobe can expand beyond your closet choices, assuming you already asked for permission, you now have so many more wardrobe options in case you can’t find the perfect outfit or accessory for the night from your own closet
  • You’ll never oversleep and be late for your shift.  Trust me, if you don’t hear your alarm go off in the morning, your roommate sure will. And they will be quick to throw a pillow at you if you don’t wake up fast enough to turn it off.
  • You may have transportation and shopping mates! I didn’t have a car with me during my College Program.  But guess what…three of my roommates did!  Chances are, at least one of your roommates will have a car.  Simply offer your free companionship, and grocery shopping just got a whole lot easier.
  • You get to try new foods. Since your roommates come from all over, they probably know of some delicious cuisines that you haven’t even heard of.  Better yet, they might know how to cook them too! Nom!
Living with new roommates is a fun experience! Just remember to keep an open and positive mind during move in and who knows…maybe they’ll be your new best friends by the end of the program!