Demo Day 2024 Press Release

The Walt Disney Company Celebrates Ten Years of The Disney Accelerator and its 2024 Companies at Annual Demo Day

MAY 23, 2024

Today, The Walt Disney Company hosted its 2024 Disney Accelerator Demo Day, celebrating ten years of innovation as a leading corporate accelerator program. The companies featured during the event included: AudioShake, ElevenLabs, Nuro, PrometheanAI and StatusPro. Together with Disney, these companies have been focused on exploring how emerging technologies can be used as tools to enhance human creativity and imagination and help shape the future of media and technology.

Hosted on The Walt Disney Studios Lot, Disney Accelerator Demo Day is the culmination of the 3-month accelerator program designed to further the growth of leading-edge companies from around the world through collaboration with Disney’s executive leadership teams. This year’s presentation featured exciting demos, alongside conversations between Disney executives and the founders of the 2024 participating companies about how the latest technologies can help bring new kinds of Disney magic to fans across the world.

“For the last ten years, the Disney Accelerator has been connecting Disney with technology companies that have the potential to transform the media industry. That transformation has happened on a larger scale than any of us could have ever imagined,” said David Min, Vice President of Innovation. “Through collaborations with more than 60 global companies like Epic Games, Sphero, Attentive and Kahoot!, we’ve created a program centered around relationships, teamwork, leveraging each other’s strengths, and dreaming big. Taken together, it creates something truly magical, which has been an honor to lead over the last ten years. I’m excited to explore how we might continue to work with our Disney Accelerator companies to help shape the next decade of innovation.”

The 2024 Disney Accelerator companies include:

AudioShake: AudioShake is an audio technology company that uses AI to separate the layers of recorded sound in order to make audio interactive, editable, and customizable. AudioShake announced today that it will expand upon its deal with Disney Music Group. Additionally, AudioShake is exploring collaborations with Walt Disney Studios, ESPN, ABC Owned Television Stations, Star India, and other segments across the company.

ElevenLabs: ElevenLabs is a voice AI research and deployment company that creates realistic, versatile, and contextually aware audio. Groups across the company are exploring ElevenLab’s technologies as a tool to enhance storytelling.

Nuro: Nuro is an autonomous vehicle company that builds custom, electric, zero-occupant vehicles for the delivery of goods. Nuro is in conversations with Walt Disney Imagineering around potential uses.

PrometheanAI: PrometheanAI is a company that provides a suite of tools for virtual world creation and digital asset management using natural language prompts. Imagineers are exploring innovative tools including Promethean AI to help Disney better leverage its 70-plus years of digital artwork and concepts so its teams can more quickly search, discover and ideate on future projects. Additionally, PrometheanAI is in discussions with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), ILM Immersive, and Disney Advertising.

StatusPro: StatusPro is an immersive entertainment company that leverages virtual and augmented reality to create first-person sports gaming experiences. ESPN talent will be testing StatusPro’s software to create, analyze, and visualize plays in VR headsets from player’s vantage points.

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