5 tips for applying to a technology internship with Disney

  1. Show us your skills!
    It’s important to specify what technical skills you possess, or are working towards, when it comes to technology internships. Consider adding a technical skills section to your resume where you can specify your proficiencies with programming languages, frameworks, libraries and systems. Never assume that recruiters will know what skills you possess! 
  2. Do your research
    The Walt Disney Company is comprised of various business segments, and while most offer technology internships, it’s valuable to research each business and what their work entails. For example, if you apply for a mobile engineering role that works with the My Disney Experience app, it would be in your best interest to download that app! Or, if you apply for a web development internship with ESPN, you would want to familiarize yourself with the different features of the ESPN websites.
  3. Keep learning
    Technology changes frequently, so it’s essential to stay relevant in the field by continuing to hone and practice your development skills. Consider participating in hackathons, research experiences, or other project work. These experiences also make good material for interviews!
  4. Communication is key
    While technical skills, previous experience, and relevant coursework are all significant, it’s equally important to articulate your skills and experiences during an interview. Our technology internships are collaborative, project-based experiences in which interns are contributing members of the team, so we are always looking for individuals who are able to communicate effectively. Take the time to prepare and practice for your interview! 
  5. Read the job description (yes, all of it!) 
    We know applying for internships can be time consuming, but with so many different business segments, geographical locations, and recruitment seasons, it’s crucial to read job postings carefully. Did you know that Disney technology internships are available in seven different geographical locations, during three different seasons (spring, summer, and fall), and some are part-time, while others are full-time? We list all of this information in the job descriptions, so definitely take the time to read it! Thoroughly reading the job description will also help you prepare for an interview!  

Want to learn more about Tech at Disney? Visit www.disneytech.com. 

Senior tech recruiter