Disney’s Taiwan Team Creates Disney+ Rice Field

Rice fields in Taiwan in the shape of the Disney+ Logo, Tinkerbell, Toy Story Alien, Baby Groot, Grogu, and an Owl

As part of the Pingtung Tropical Agriculture Expo in Taiwan, Disney teams created a jaw-dropping rice field etched with iconic green characters including Tinkerbell, Baby Groot, Grogu, and more representing the core five Disney+ brands.

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With Fifty/50 Initiative, ESPN Honors the 50th Anniversary of Title IX and Supports Girls’ Access to Sports

Ribbon cutting event at the Fifty/50 event, Text: Inspire a better world through the power of stories

It was 50 years ago when 37 words forever changed the future for girls and women in education and sports. The passage of Title IX was a landmark law that banned sex discrimination in all education programs and activities—including sports—that received federal funds. Hear how ESPN and The Walt Disney Company are celebrating this important milestone through the Fifty/50 Initiative, highlighting the civil rights journey of women across the sports and cultural landscape.

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Celebrating Pride 365 at The Walt Disney Company

Colorful geometric border, Text: Disney Reimagine Tomorrow Pride 365

At The Walt Disney Company, we strive to build an inclusive culture, honoring and actively supporting the contributions and stories of our LGBTQIA+ employees, talent, and beyond to foster change during Pride Month and all year long. Learn how to celebrate Pride Month with Disney throughout June and beyond.

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Disney on the Yard at the Cricket Celebration Bowl

Photo of Drum Major Mickey

Mickey Mouse and Disney on the Yard had a jam-packed weekend during this year’s Cricket Celebration Bowl, an ABC-televised, ESPN post-season football game for Historically Black College and University (HBCU) football teams.

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